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  • Gaming Essentials 2023

    Gaming Essentials 2023

    Calling all gaming geeks, we’ve got your gaming essentials sorted for 2023! Here is your ultimate guide to the essential gear, gadgets, and accessories for casual and serious gamers alike! All provided by Geeks on Wheels’ own Geek development manager and gaming expert, Reuben! So, if you’re seeking the ultimate gaming experience or looking to…

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  • Improving your Wi-Fi network for faster connectivity

    Improving your Wi-Fi network for faster connectivity

    Tired of slow Wi-Fi, spinning wheels, buffering videos and lost connections? With today’s world being so reliant on the internet for both personal and professional activities, we definitely shouldn’t have to put up with slow and unreliable Wi-Fi. So, in this blog, we’re giving you some easy solutions for improving Wi-Fi for faster connectivity. Follow…

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  • Best Eco-Friendly Technology 2023

    Best Eco-Friendly Technology 2023

    Hi Geek Fans, we know eco-friendly technology is constantly evolving, so we’ve put together a handy list of the best sustainable tech in New Zealand for 2023. Get the most out of your day-to-day life. Rest easy knowing the effect your tech has on the environment is minimal. Sustainable technology is great for both peace…

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  • Get rid of your old tech eco-consciously

    Get rid of your old tech eco-consciously

    Hey Geeks, it’s Earth month! So, to celebrate the planet we live on, we’re going to focus on how you can get rid of your old tech eco-consciously. With technology constantly improving, we’re going to be tempted with new and more advanced products and gadgets. And, who doesn’t want to have the best of something,…

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  • Celebrating International Women’s day at Geeks on Wheels

    Celebrating International Women’s day at Geeks on Wheels

    For over 100 years International Women’s Day has been a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights around the world. The theme for 2023 International Women’s Day, celebrated March 8th was #EmbraceEquity. We saw this as a great opportunity to share the stories of some of the women at Geeks on Wheels, working in…

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  • Smart home essentials 2023

    Smart home essentials 2023

    Looking to smarten up your home this year? Renovating and wanting to update your tech? Or, simply needing a smart solution to keep the house safe while you’re away? We’ve put together a list of Smart Home Essentials to get you started on your smart home journey. These essentials will transform your home into the…

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  • Best Smart TVs 2023

    Best Smart TVs 2023

    Welcome Geeks! This month we’re diving into the world of smart homes and exploring the various smart devices and other components that make one up. As a part of this focus, we have put together a list of the best Smart TVs of 2023, as recommended by our expert Geeks! So, whether you’re a sports…

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  • Lifestyle apps 2023

    Lifestyle apps 2023

    Hey Geek fans, this month we want you to fall in love with your tech all over again! So, in this blog we’re going to showcase some Geek recommended lifestyle apps that will simplify your daily routine, level up your phone’s practicality, and make you feel as giddy as the day you got your hands…

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  • Romance Scams in 2023

    Romance Scams in 2023

    Hey, Geek fans, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s the month of love! Which means some of us will be craving some extra TLC this February! With social media and online dating, it is easier than ever to find romantic connections with people from all over the world! But, along with convenience, connecting…

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  • Upgrading from Windows 8.1

    Upgrading from Windows 8.1

    Kia Ora Geeks, as many of you may know, Windows 8.1, reached its end of life on January 10, 2023. So, what does this mean? The main impact is that Microsoft will no longer be providing updates or support for the operating system. As well as this, users may be vulnerable to security risks and…

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  • Tech Christmas Gift Ideas With Sustainable Options!

    Tech Christmas Gift Ideas With Sustainable Options!

    Kia ora, Geeks! This month we’re counting down the sleeps and prepping for Christmas. One of the best ways to get sorted is by organising all your Christmas shopping early, so, we’ve picked out some of our favourite Christmas tech gift ideas for 2022. Christmas should be a fun and exciting break, with plenty of…

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