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In 2019, Geeks on Wheels upgraded to the new Volkswagen Polo Beats Limited Edition.

Due to the instant recognition factor of our Geeks on Wheels cars, and the fact that they have been a staple of our branding from the beginning, we feel it is crucial that we maintain a high standard of quality with our vehicles.

For this reason the Polo Beats is an ideal Geek mobile with its modern design, optimised space and practical features.


Setting a new benchmark for a small hatch, the Polo doubles down on some seriously cool features. This car is safe, reliable, fuel efficient and comes with the Beats Audio System (a little treat for our hardworking techs!).

The 300w audio system delivers mind blowing sound quality so our techs can enjoy their trip while en route to you. It also helps that they are surrounded by a pretty cool interior trimmed in Geeks red!

VW Beats Polo interior

At Geeks on Wheels we are also super conscious of the environment, and given that sustainability is one of Volkswagens main goals, the new three cylinder 999cc engine combined with the trusted DSG gearbox helps the Polo achieve an unbelievable fuel efficiency of 4.6L per 100km.

We are conscious of our carbon footprint and want to make sure we are doing our best to fix your computer without breaking the environment!