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If you need computer repairs in Whanganui, Geeks on Wheels expert mobile computer technicians can come to you! Our technicians now cover Whanganui, saving you time and sorting your tech. Whether you need desktop or laptop repairs in Whanganui or help setting up your new devices, we’re here to help! Call a geek or book online today!

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Mobile computer repairs and support in the Whanganui Region

At Geeks on Wheels we address all of your computer problems directly, offering friendly and dependable service and support in Whanganui. Highly skilled our geeks are able to troubleshoot all PC issues. We also provide in-depth system health checks making sure you are getting the most out of your devices. Software updates, hardware checkups and virus scans are just a few of the checks we run to make sure your computer is up to scratch.

Virus protection & spyware removal for Whanganui customers.

Safeguard your computer with Geeks on Wheels’ premier virus protection and spyware removal in Whanganui. It is very important that you have the latest anti-virus protection software installed on your PC. Coupled with spyware removal, your computer will be able to scan and remove threats quickly and efficiently, keeping you safe!

PC repairs and service in Whanganui

At Geeks on Wheels, our technicians are all-rounders. They can work on Microsoft Windows PCs. Whether you need your software updated, your hardware checked or require a complete virus scan, our technicians can do it all. Our complete health checks can help make sure your computer is running at optimal speed and efficiency! 

New computer setup in the Whanganui

Transitioning to a new computer can feel overwhelming! So, get a geek to do it for you! Whether it’s for your home or office, we can install all the programs you need. Our technicians can also transfer all of your important files from your old computer to your new one and help get your old PC ready to be sold or disposed of.

Computer upgrades within Whanganui

If your PC isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like then Geeks on Wheels has the solution. We offer upgrades that can give you more RAM, improve speed and increase hard-drive space.

Internet and email setup in Whanganui

Are you looking to switch from Ethernet to wireless connectivity? Do you have a new device that hasn’t been set up yet? Whether it’s establishing a new connection or new computer, Geeks on Wheels Whanganui can help make the transition easy and simple. We’ll also talk you through the entire process helping you to understand your personal tech better.

Wireless router installation and configuration in Whanganui

Geeks on Wheels Whanganui can offer wireless routers to ensure you have convenient internet access anytime, anywhere. Wi-Fi networks and wired networks can look confusing but our geeks are on hand to help. Furthermore, our technicians can make sure that you have the wireless- security, anti-virus and firewall protection you need to stay safe while using the internet.

Data backup solutions in Whanganui

Here at Geeks on Wheels we recognise how important some files, photo’s and music can be to you. That’s why we’ve introduced a range of backup solutions to safeguard your precious memories. We even have online backup solutions available.

Data recovery in Whanganui

Our technicians have expert tools available to help you recover lost files. We value the importance of personal data and understand its importance, which is why we strongly recommend reliable backups as a measure to safeguard it. 

Computer troubleshooting for Whanganui 

Get expert technical advice, computer repair and assistance in Whanganui. We have trouble-shooting available to sort your computer issues in the comfort of your own home or office. For the best in Whanganui computer repair, book a Geek on Wheels!

Geeks on Wheels offers one of the best computer repair services Whanganui has to offer. Our experts are friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. They are on hand to help, no matter what you’re experiencing! Plus, we come to you!

Book now! For the best Whanganui computer repair there is, talk to our friendly Geeks. No matter what the issue, we can come to you! Give us a call today!