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Home Network Setup – Internet and Wi-Fi Solutions

Having a quality internet setup is important, especially these days, as most of your devices have network connectivity. Your connection must be as efficient and safe as possible. If your wireless internet setup is not working for you, your internet speed or connection is poor, or you just cannot get it to work with your Smart TV or mobile devices, then our Geeks can help.

Wi-Fi speed & dead zones

Slow Wi-Fi can make daily internet activities such as streaming your favourite movies and TV shows frustrating and time-consuming. Fortunately, we can offer some solutions to optimise your internet connection for speed and stability! We can also come to your home or office and identify the number of dead zones you have (where you Wi-Fi connection fails to reach) and therefore potentially suggest you opt for a Mesh Wi-Fi system.

If you want to speed test your internet, read our blog here. If you want some simple solutions for faster connectivity read our other blog here.

Mesh Wi-Fi

A diagram of a two story home where mesh WiFi is installed.

Mesh Wi-Fi is a whole home Wi-Fi system built to eliminate dead zones and provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi throughout your home or office. It allows for greater coverage with greater speeds than traditional extenders. Basically, with Mesh Wi-Fi, you can move freely from room to room on a single network and not have it cut in and out!

At Geeks on Wheels, we recommend and install TP-Link Decos which have built in features including parental controls and advanced encryption. If you want to learn more about Mesh Wi-Fi, read our blog here.

Home network security

Having a secure network is crucial in protecting your data and preventing unauthorised access. We can supply and install network hardware, and set up wireless security, antivirus and firewall protection. For example, if you want to upgrade to wireless internet, we can configure your router with the appropriate security and help you establish long and strong passwords to protect your personal information.

Overall, as part of our Internet and Wi-Fi Solutions service, we can help with:

  • Setting up new modem/routers/access points.
  • Checking for dead spots.
  • Troubleshoot Internet and Wi-Fi problems
  • Optimising Wi-Fi speeds.
  • Cable management (We do not do internal walls).
  • Assessing device connectivity.
  • Setting up Mesh Wi-Fi.
  • Securing your home network.
  • Cloud computing.