Internet & Email Set Up

Set Up Email – Modem and Internet Setup

Having a quality internet setup is important, especially these days, as more and more of your devices have network connectivity. It is essential that your connection is as efficient and safe as possible. If your wireless Internet setup is not working for you, your Internet speed or connection is poor, or you just cannot get it to work with your Smart TV or mobile devices, then our Geeks can help. If you are looking into upgrading to wireless Internet, we can also offer advice and provide the correct wireless router to best suit your needs. We can also set it up for you with the correct security settings and passwords, to ensure that all of your personal information is secure.

Wi-Fi and home network modem setup

Technology is getting better and better, and we have more electronic devices entering our homes than ever before. Therefore it is becoming increasingly important that we learn how to synchronise our content across these devices securely. Whether it is printing a photo straight from your smartphone, or accessing iPod music through your Smart TV, setting up a home network can be the answer.

internet setup wireless setup

Our experts will come to your home or office and give you advice on the difference between router and modem setup. While we are at it, we can supply and install network hardware, and set up wireless security, antivirus, and firewall protection.

When you combine the power of home networking with cloud computing, the opportunities are endless. Whilst the kids are on the home computer, you can still access the photos and videos from across the room on your Smart TV or tablet.

Or if it is music you are into, our Geeks can make your music library or your online music streaming services – such as Spotify – available across all the devices on your home network, making entertainment access easy. We will even provide tutorials on how to use those devices once they are up and running on your home network.

As part of our Internet troubleshooting and setup, we provide the following services:

  1. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues

Poor reception can be detrimental to the speed of your connection. If you are having trouble getting Internet in certain areas of your home or office, our Geeks can advise and provide you with a range of different options to ensure that you are getting Internet everywhere you need it.

  1. Help with email problems

We can help you set up email accounts, and transfer your emails and contacts from your previous account to your new one. Whether you are after Outlook help or Gmail help, our Geeks can solve your problems. We can migrate your current email account from your old computer to your new one, and we can even give you access to your email from any device.

  1. Home network security

Our highly trained technicians can set up security features across all of your electronic devices. You do not want the neighbours jumping in and stealing your Wi-Fi, and you do not want anyone seeing private family photos and videos, so making sure your home Wi-Fi security is up to scratch is something our Geeks take seriously.

Here is what our Geeks can do for you

  • We come to your home or office at a time that is convenient for you
  • Troubleshoot Internet and email problems
  • Optimise your Internet connection for speed and stability
  • Set up wireless security, antivirus, and firewall protection
  • Set up “Ethernet over power” to provide wireless Internet to tricky parts of your home or office
  • Set up your email and file storage solutions and get them synced across your devices
  • Advise on and provide a wireless printer to get you printing from everywhere
  • Show you how things work and teach you the things you need to know

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