GeekSafe™ – Stay GeekSafe online

Becoming a GeekSafe™ member gives you access to a range of exciting benefits. All of which are designed to make you safer online. The core benefits of GeekSafe™ include ourEmail it inservice, where you forward us any suspicious electronic messages you’ve received and our experts will assess and to the best of our ability, offer advice on whether we think there is any scam (malicious) content.

Our Monthly Newsletterswill provide information regarding the latest scams, both online and otherwise with expert advice on spotting and avoiding them. Along with ourUrgent Scam Updateswhich will share updates on alarming, new and emerging scams that we are made aware of.

Email it in service

Forward us your suspicious electronic messages and we’ll let you know to the best of our ability if we think it’s a scam. Plus, we’ll provide useful insight into what red flags we spot in your email.

Scam updates newsletter

Stay informed with expert advice, designed to help you identify and avoid scam emails. Our monthly scam updates newsletter will help keep you in the know, with information on new and emerging scams and up-to-date advice.

Urgent scam updates

We’re constantly on the lookout for emerging scams, and when we come across one that is new, worrying or dangerous we’ll let you know with one of our urgent scam update emails.

Think you’re a scam-spotting wizz?

Put your skills to the test with our GeekSafe™ Scam Smart quiz!

Received a dodgy text? Not sure about that subscription renewal email? Put your skills to the test and learn about the tactics that scammers are using in 2024.

This quiz is 10 multiple-choice questions designed to test and teach you. With a range of scams covered, there’s bound to be a scam-spotting tactic you didn’t know about. See if you’ve got what it takes.

Take the quiz and put your skills to the test or share it with someone who’s not the best at spotting scams!

See how your scam-spotting skills stack up!

“While Geeks on Wheels will make every effort to ensure that its advice is accurate, the customer acknowledges that it is not possible to determine with absolute certainty, whether any communication is, in fact, malicious in nature. Accordingly, Geeks on Wheels will never advise the customer to click on a link in a message forwarded or sent to us as part of the GeekSafe™ service or to engage in any communication with any third party connected to the forwarded email/message. Instead, Geeks on Wheels will provide relevant feedback and information to assist the customer in making an informed decision. The customer agrees that it is entirely responsible for all actions and communication that occurs from any of its devices, and accepts that Geeks on Wheels shall not be liable for any loss that the customer may suffer as a direct or indirect result of relying on any of the advice provided by Geeks on Wheels”.  Full Terms and Conditions – Click Here