Software Installation & Troubleshooting

Get your software installed and up to date!

Your computer’s software helps you perform tasks, protect from malware and viruses, and can contribute to the overall functionality of your computer. Examples of software include Microsoft 365, Anti-Virus, Adobe Photoshop and much more! We can help you with software installation on your device, update pre-existing software and depending on the software, assist if it is not working.

Setting up new software

Have a new computer you want to kit out with specific software? After an Anti-Virus solution? Make sure it’s done the right way by getting the professionals to set it up for you. We can make sure any software is coming from a trusted source and we can even address any queries you may have about it. However, this is dependent on the age of the software and whether it’s standard or tailor-made.

If you are after Microsoft software or a credible anti-virus solution, consider the convenient option, purchasing Microsoft 365 and Malwarebytes directly from our Geek Shop!


At Geeks on Wheels, we highly recommend the anti-virus Malwarebytes. In fact, we sell Malwarebytes’ Home Premium subscription directly via our Geek Shop.

This top-rated anti-virus effectively blocks viruses, malware, malicious websites, ransomware and hackers – areas where traditional anti-viruses often fall short. So, if you’re sick of your current anti-virus hogging your systems resources or spamming you with notifications, then you might want to make the switch to Malwarebytes! Compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook.

Software updates

If you’re having trouble updating your software, or don’t even know where to begin, we can help! Although inconvenient and somewhat time consuming, it’s very important that you update your software regularly. With each software update, developers release patches that fix vulnerabilities and strengthen defences against cyber threats. These patches can include bug fixes, security patches, compatibility updates, performance optimisations and feature enhancements.

Want to locate your device’s available updates? Read our blog here!  

Overall, as part of our Software Installation & Troubleshooting service, we can help with:

  • Setting up new software.
  • Software crashing (dependent on software, we may not be able to resolve due to age or if it’s bespoke software).
  • Updating software.
  • Supplying Office 365 and Anti-Virus.
  • General software queries (Dependent on software. We may not have answers due to age or if it’s bespoke software).