Email Setup & Support

Get Your Email Setup & Sorted

Your email is important, regardless of whether it is for personal use or for your business. It’s a vital tool for quick communication, and seamless collaboration and stores important and private information. That’s why our technicians are well equipped to help you with email setup, from creating new accounts, synchronising emails between devices, transferring emails from one email address to another and really any general email issues. From Outlook to Gmail and Yahoo to Xtra Mail! We’ve got you covered.

Email Account Setup & Transfer

Are you ready to create your first email account, or are you interested in setting up a new email account? We can help! Plus, we can even help transfer your emails and contacts from your previous account to your new one and synchronise emails between devices. This way, you don’t have to leave anything important behind!

Custom Domain Emails

We can also assist with setting up custom domain email addresses. Are you a sole trader or a small business? Setting up a custom domain makes your emails look professional, trustworthy and instantly recognisable. In a time when scam emails are more prevalent than ever, creating trust with clients and potential clients is imperative.

Free email addresses don’t carry the same trust and authority as an authentic domain and may have other limitations, like daily send limits or limited storage. So let the Geeks get you sorted with a slick custom email address.

Integrating Your Email

Integrating your email with your digital calendar and contacts basically means you’re creating an ecosystem where everything can seamlessly work together in one place. And, it’s especially useful for business emails!

When we link your email, digital calendar and contacts together, you can easily schedule events, appointments and meetings as well as search for and select contacts from your address book, direct from your email.

Forgotten your password?

We’re all guilty of forgetting our passwords, especially since we’re encouraged to change it so often for security reasons. Not only can we help you reset your password if you get locked out of your email account, but we can also offer assistance in creating long, strong passwords and safely storing them.

Overall, as part of our Email Support service, we can help with:

  • Sending and receiving emails.
  • Setting up new emails, both personal and business.
  • Password resetting/assistance.
  • Synchronising emails between devices.
  • Transferring emails from one email address to another.
  • Integrating your email.

So if you need help with your emails and want to know more about how to best optimise yours then get in touch with Geeks on Wheels and one of our technicians will be able to assist with your needs.