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Speed test your internet

Do your favourite shows online keep buffering? Keep dropping your internet connection when you walk around the house? Start your 2024 off by speed testing your internet.

Speed testing your internet will help you determine if you are receiving the speeds that you expect from your chosen broadband package. They may also help you find patchy spots at home or determine if your Wi-Fi network or router is due for an upgrade.

Speed testing your internet

To speed test the internet it’s a very simple process! Simply open your preferred web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) and head to a speed testing website. Our favourites are which has a super simple and easy to decipher layout, or will automatically start testing the speed of your internet as soon as you reach the webpage, whereas on you’ll need to tap GO and then the website will begin testing your internet.

Keep in mind that internet speeds vary from moment to moment, so don’t be surprised by fluctuation between test results.

What do the numbers mean and what is a good result?

On both websites we mentioned above, the main and most important number will be your download speeds. This is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Make sure you know which internet package you are using to give you an idea of what speeds you should be receiving. To do this, you can check a bill that you’ve received from your ISP and see what plan you’re on. After that, you may need to Google your plan to see what speeds the plan offers.

We suggest you speed test on a device which is connected to an ethernet cable first. Many standard broadband packages have speeds around 300/100 (300 Mbps download/100Mbps upload). If you watch shows and movies online, we recommend a download speed of at least 25Mbps.

In short, download speed refers to the rate that data is transferred from the Internet to your computer. Upload speed is the rate that data is transferred from your computer to the Internet.

If your internet speeds are far slower than you expected it might be a sign of an older modem/router or it may be an ISP issue. This might be a great time to get a Geeks on Wheels technician in for a proper investigation.

How to test your Wi-Fi network

Testing your internet speed can also help give you an idea of how your Wi-Fi network is performing. Once you’ve tested the speeds using a device connected via ethernet cables, try testing using a device connect via Wi-Fi.

Devices connected to the internet via Wi-Fi are likely to have slightly lower speeds. Try testing the speed next to the router/modem first and then try in different locations around the house.

If the speed drops off in certain areas then it might be time to consider switching to mesh Wi-Fi or getting a Geeks on Wheels technician in to perform a thorough Wi-Fi Assessment. You can also check out our handy blog about improving your Wi-Fi network for faster connectivity. With a helpful list of tips and tricks for improving your home Wi-Fi network.

Now you know how to find out your internet speeds for both wired and wireless devices! If your devices are on the go-slow offline as well, get in touch today and one of our talented Geeks on Wheels technicians will help with any computer repairs or upgrades you need! Simply dial 0800 424 335.