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  • Samsung Galaxy AI features

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    Samsung Galaxy AI features

    Samsung’s new range of Samsung Galaxy devices come with the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy AI features, heralded as the “era of mobile AI”. Samsung says their new AI features will “unleash new levels of creativity, productivity and possibility”. The cool thing is they are also being rolled out to other Samsung devices, including the S23…

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  • Buying Second-Hand Technology | The Ultimate Guide

    Buying Second-Hand Technology | The Ultimate Guide

    Your guide to buying refurbished, second-hand gadgets You may think it’s impossible to save money on your gadgets and get excellent quality technology, but Geeks on Wheels can help you do both! By giving you access to a great range of second hand, #GeekApproved devices, that have been refurbished and recommended by our very own…

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  • Office Tech Must Haves | Back to Work

    Office Tech Must Haves | Back to Work

    Office Tech Must-Haves | Back to Work As we move out of lockdown many Kiwi’s will be readjusting to office life. So we’ve put together a list of Office Tech Must-Haves to keep you productive, comfortable and ready to work! Even if you aren’t returning to the office just yet, these gadgets can help make…

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  • Pet tech – how to use apps and devices to take care of your pet

    There is wearable technology for just about everything: from smart watches that tell you when to exercise, to baby onesies that tell you it’s time to change your baby’s nappy. And now there’s a range of technology to help you be a better pet owner. Microchipping your pet When you take your pets to the…

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