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Samsung Galaxy AI features

Samsung’s new range of Samsung Galaxy devices come with the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy AI features, heralded as the “era of mobile AI”. Samsung says their new AI features will “unleash new levels of creativity, productivity and possibility”. The cool thing is they are also being rolled out to other Samsung devices, including the S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5 and Z Flip5. Plus, they are planning to “bring the experience to over 100 million Galaxy users within 2024” so other models may be getting an AI update soon.

Galaxy AI uses Google’s Gemini AI model for some features, including Circle to Search. If you’re a fan of AI we’ve got a list of what cool tools you can expect to see.

Circle to Search

Circle to search allows you to search for an item on your phone using simple gestures without the need for switching apps. For example, say you’re scrolling through your favourite social media app. You see an image of an outfit you love and you just have to know what shoes the person in the photo is wearing! Instead of wasting time investigating on Google, simply circle the item and get more information right there. When you’re finished, just swipe away and return to your scrolling!

Live Translate

Travelling the world, conducting international business or speaking to the in-laws? Whatever the reason, an instant translation of a live phone call has been an unobtainable dream for many years. With the Samsung Galaxy AI feature, Live Translate, that is now a possibility!

Whether through messaging or over the phone, speak in your own language and Live Translate will translate your speech in real time into the other speaker’s language. Afterwards, this handy tool will translate their reply back into your language, making communication easier than ever before!

Chat Assist

Ever struggle to find the right words when typing out an important message? Chat Assist can help you formulate a message fit for any occasion. From a professional business text to a heartfelt message to a friend, Chat Assist helps with crafting the perfect message! It offers suggestions to improve grammar, syntax, vocabulary and overall structure.

Photo Assist

Taken a snap on your phone but want to quickly touch it up? With Photo Assist’s AI-powered editing capabilities, you can easily retouch your photos without bringing them into a separate editing app. Photo Assist lets you move or remove subjects in your photo with just a few taps. Subsequently, the tool will then fill in spaces with the assistance of AI-powered intelligent filling. Now you can create the photo you want ed without being an editing genius.