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Our Top 10 AI-Powered Tools 2023

Whilst AI has existed for over half a century, 2023 has no doubt been the year of AI. OpenAI’s ChatGPT took the world by storm after its launch in November, 2022. For a while thereafter nearly every news article that popped up on social media feeds was about a new or use for AI. AI has even been named the Collins dictionary word or the year 2023.

ChatGPT was the first widely accessible form of text-based AI. It’s capable of completing such a broad range of tasks with simple text-based prompts. DALL.E, OpenAI’s AI-powered image generator also launched in late 2022. Filling our social media feeds with fantastical images depicting everything from the end of the world to giant pineapples riding unicorns.

But with AI making such massive waves in 2023 and new “AI” powered apps and websites popping up daily, what are our top 10 AI-powered tools?

Bing Search Engine

Google has reigned supreme in the search engine world for the last two decades. There is no debating, that if a question needs answering you “Google” it. So how could any search engine compete with the behemoth browser? Easy, just be the first big player to incorporate AI.

That’s exactly what Microsoft did. In February they launched a new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge. Powered by an OpenAI language model more advanced than ChatGPT, Bing is capable of answering in-depth questions, writing long or short-form responses and curating lists or instructions for you without the need for clicking on and opening multiple search results.

So next time you’re about to search the web, why not try Bing’s AI-powered search, for a reinvented searching experience?

Dall-E 2/3

Not all AI-powered tools are boring and text-based. There are some awesome programs for spurring your creativity or even entirely creating artwork. DALL-E 3 is one of the best, another OpenAI system, Dall-E is the most well-known text-to-image generator. Capable of bringing even the most otherworldly prompts to life, Dall-E is a great starting point for many creatives. It’s also a super fun way to create some truly wonderful and whacky images, that previously only a talented artist could have ever produced.

Deep Nostalgia

This isn’t the most high-tech AI tool on the list and it’s capabilities aren’t as numerous as many others we’ve mentioned. However, we think it’s a great simple application, that’s easy to use and provides a great service. Deep Nostalgia by My Heritage, is a free-to-use AI-powered tool that generates moving images from uploaded stills. Helping people across the world bring their loved ones to life one last time. Bringing movement and emotion to still photos of loved ones who are no longer present. A simple use of AI, but a very moving one (excuse the pun).

Stable Diffusion

This is another AI-powered text-to-image generator, with no registration or credit card needed. One thing that sets Stable Diffusion apart from the likes of DALL-E 2 is its ability to modify existing images. This means your imagination can truly run wild. This gives you the ability to generate complete images using text-based prompts before adding and incorporate these into existing images. Amazingly all of this can be achieved without any prior editing experience!

Photoshop – Generative Fill

This is one for the creatives for sure, and if you are a user of the Adobe suite, more specifically Photoshop, then you’ve probably already tried it. Photoshop’s Generative Fill was only available in their Beta version for a large part of the year, but in the just launched version 25.3, it comes integrated. If you’re someone who does a lot of photo editing you’ll know just how time-consuming fixing things up in post can be. Generative Fill is a game changer for editors and makes providing deliverables in a range of aspect ratios easier than ever.


Listnr is an AI voice generator, perfect for creating voiceovers, narrations, audio ads or even full-length podcasts. They have a free account which gives you access to all the main features and will let you create awesome voiceover content from simple text scripts. With a library of over 1000 voices in 142 languages, there’s bound to be a voice for your next project.


This AI-powered app took Tik-Tok by storm throughout the year with its ability to create custom portraits from uploaded selfies. You can customise the generated images by applying different filters and editing styles. This tool is perfect for creating an online persona or gaming profile with your likeness whilst incorporating artistic elements and styles.


Another App based AI-powered tool that took over our Tik-Tok feeds this year. Remini is the “LinkedIn headshot” generator everyone was using earlier this year. Save yourself the time and effort of putting on a suit and getting headshots taken, simply let AI do it for you!

Remini lets the user upload a selection of selfies or portraits from their phone’s camera roll and then, using AI, generates a selection of professional-looking head shots. You can choose the scene and general look of the image to match the field you’re applying for jobs in. It’s super simple to use and will create stunning, professional-looking images for your LinkedIn profile or resume.


Now that you’ve got your LinkedIn profile picture sorted thanks to AI, why not use another AI-powered tool to aid in crafting your CV or cover letter? Rezi has a completely free option to help create your resume. Use the built-in templates so your resume passes automated systems. Simply fill in some prompts about your previous work experience, the role you’re applying for and any relevant experience or qualifications and AI will do the rest!

Chat GPT

No list of the best AI-powered tools would be complete if it didn’t mention the OpenAI powerhouse that is ChatGPT. This beast is the most well-known AI system, is completely free to use in its earliest version and is the powerhouse behind countless other AI-powered, programs, sites, apps and tools available today.

Capable of crafting essays, recipes, resumes, poems and academic papers, with the right prompts ChatGPT is a truly spectacular system. It can help write code, decipher complex jargon-heavy text, or generate Excel formulas from simple text commands. If you have tried out AI just yet, then make 2024 the year you try ChatGPT!

Have you made the most of AI in 2023? The AI landscape is constantly changing with new apps, websites and systems popping up every day. There will always be something fun and exciting to try! If your device is struggling to keep up with your new found love for AI-powered tools, it might be time to upgrade or repair your device. Our team can help get you up to speed. Simply get in touch with Geeks on Wheels today! Simply call us on 0800 424 335 or book online.