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Improving your Wi-Fi network for faster connectivity

Tired of slow Wi-Fi, spinning wheels, buffering videos and lost connections? With today’s world being so reliant on the internet for both personal and professional activities, we definitely shouldn’t have to put up with slow and unreliable Wi-Fi. So, in this blog, we’re giving you some easy solutions for improving Wi-Fi for faster connectivity. Follow along and say goodbye to internet-induced headaches!

Upgrade your router

The first question you should ask yourself is, how old is your router? Why? Because older routers may not be able to handle the demands of today’s internet usage. They can bottleneck your connections and ultimately slow down your Wi-Fi experience. We recommend upgrading your router every 5 years for faster connectivity. And, if you’re reading this thinking “I can’t remember the last time I upgraded my router”, then you might be due for an update!

Re-position your router

Next up, where is your router positioned in your home? The placement of your router can have a significant impact on your home network’s performance. Try placing your router in a central location, away from walls and other obstructions that could interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. And definitely do not place it in an enclosed space. It’s also worth considering if your router is near an appliance that potentially emits electromagnetic interference. Some of these types of appliances include refrigerators with built in ice makers, water dispensers, or defrost systems, Bluetooth devices and microwaves.

Use a Mesh Wi-Fi system

A great way of improving your home network connection throughout your whole home, especially a larger home, is using a Mesh Wi-Fi system. Mesh systems usually consist of one device designated as the main router, that connects directly to your modem. From there, nodes (also referred to as Decos) are placed throughout your home to pass on your internet signal, form one unified network and eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones! At Geeks on Wheels, we highly recommend TP-Link Mesh Wi-Fi. Should you decide you’d like to try it out in your home, Book a Geek! Our technicians are experts in setting them up!

Update your firmware

Lastly, to ensure your home network is performing at its peak, you should make sure to update your firmware. Router manufacturers regularly release firmware updates that improve the performance and security of their devices. To check for firmware updates, type your router’s IP address (found on the router itself) into your web browser. Then enter your login information and locate the Firmware or Update section.

Optimising your home network for faster and more reliable internet is essential. If you need help with any connectivity issues, setting up wireless security or simply advice on how things work in your home network, Book a Geek today!