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Best Eco-Friendly Technology 2023

Hi Geek Fans, we know eco-friendly technology is constantly evolving, so we’ve put together a handy list of the best sustainable tech in New Zealand for 2023. Get the most out of your day-to-day life. Rest easy knowing the effect your tech has on the environment is minimal.

Sustainable technology is great for both peace of mind and the planet. A brand-new smartphone generates an average of 85 kilograms in emissions in its first year of use. Most of which come from the manufacturing processes. There are a few key factors that contribute to the level of emissions released during the production of devices. These include the percentage of recycled material used, the energy efficiency of the facilities and whether they rely on renewable energy.

Let’s dive into our list of the best eco-friendly technology in 2023. See how you can make a difference with the devices you choose this Earth Month.

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

This cute, Bluetooth-connected wireless-enabled mouse is a great, affordable addition to your home or office. The shell of this eco-friendly mouse is made with 20% recycled ocean plastic. The production process begins with the removal of plastic from oceans and waterways. Recovered plastic is cleaned and then processed into plastic resin pellets. They then blend in the pellets during the manufacturing process. If you’re looking for a new mouse that has a smaller impact on the planet, this is the option for you.

Not only is the mouse stylish and functional, but you’ll get great efficiency too, with 12 months of battery life from a single battery. It even comes in handy 100% recyclable packaging.

Kobo Clara 2E

You can take your reading to a whole new (eco-friendly) level with the Kobo Clara 2E. Switching from paperbacks to an eReader is already an eco-conscious step if you’re an avid reader. By opting for the Kobo Clara, you can further minimise the environmental impact of your favourite pastime. You can take your whole library with you wherever you go thanks to this piece of eco-friendly technology.

This eReader features an exterior made with over 85% recycled plastic, including 10% ocean-bound plastic (abandoned plastic waste on its way to our oceans). Kobo expects to divert over 200,000 plastic bottles from landfills every year. So what better way to read is there?

TP-Link Tapo P100 Smart Plug

Do you have lots of appliances plugged in and drawing power? In order to make your home a little more efficient today, try adding a few smart plugs.

The Tapo P100 Smart Plug lets you set up smart automations, so your devices come on, only when you need them. Reduce the trickle of power that devices use on standby and ensure your power bills and emissions are lower.

In reality, we could have made this whole blog a list of smart devices considering their ability to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency is wide-ranging. If you’re considering introducing smart devices into your home to increase efficiency then check out our list of Smart Home essentials for 2023.

Asus Aspire Vero

Looking to upgrade your PC? Want to choose a more sustainable option? The Aspire Vero is an awesome option for a more eco-friendly laptop. 40% of the laptop chassis is made from Post-Consumer Recycled plastics (PCR) and CO2 emissions released during production have been reduced 30% compared to previous models. Asus has created an eco-friendly laptop, made with the Earth in mind.

Being an eco-friendly device, you know the Aspire Vero is built with a focus on energy efficiency. VeroSense is Acer’s battery management app with four performance modes: Performance, Balanced, Eco and Eco+ which allow you to get the most out of your device.

Fairphone 4 5G

Lastly, we have a device that is replaced or upgraded the most, a smartphone. Unlike many smartphones, the Fairphone 4 is made with people and planet front of mind.

Designed to last and built with fair and recycled materials, the Fairphone 4 is one of the few TCO-certified smartphones available. With a 5-year warranty, the Fairphone 4 encourages users to hang onto their phones for longer. With spare parts openly available and a design that encourages repairs, it’s easy to keep running.

Each Fairphone 4 is also electronic waste neutral. When you purchase a Fairphone 4, you can rest easy knowing that one old phone will be responsibly recycled or given a second life.