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How to clean your computer & smartphone

Attention, Geek fans! With Winter drawing to a close, it’s the opportune time to give your beloved tech a good clean! Especially considering the extra time you’ll have spent glued to your devices during the chilly season, you can well imagine the grime and fingerprint buildup that is awaiting your attention! So, in this blog we’re giving you some Geek recommended tips on cleaning your computer and smartphone!

Before cleaning

Most importantly, make sure you turn off your device and unplug it from all power sources. This will help prevent damage to the hardware when cleaning your computer and smartphone and avoid the need for computer repairs. It will also make it easier to clean your keyboard and screen without triggering any unintended actions on your device, such as accidentally making a call!

Cleaning your screen

For cleaning your computer and smartphone, we recommend a microfibre cloth or anti-static screen wipes. They are gentle enough for your fragile screens, so they won’t cause any damage. And the tiny fibres of a microfibre cloth can pick up more dirt and residue than most other cloths. This makes them perfect for cleaning screens.

If you’re using a microfibre cloth, you’ll firstly need to prepare your cloth with an approved screen and computer-safe cleaning solution. And ensure you only spray a small amount onto your cloth.

When cleaning your screen, start from the centre and gently wipe the display in circular motions until the entire surface has been wiped free of residue and/or dirt.

Cleaning your computer keyboard

To begin with, turn your laptop or keyboard upside down and carefully tap it to remove any easily dislodged dust or debris.

If you want to really get into the cracks of your keyboard, you can use a can of compressed air. To use it, just tilt your keyboard to one side, and using your can, dislodge all the dust in short sweeping motions.

Afterwards, we’d recommend wiping down the keys with an anti-static foam cleaner and your microfibre cloth.

Optionally, you can also use a sanitary wipe to wipe down your keyboard and kill any bacteria and germs.

Cleaning your device ports

With your can of compressed air, you can also clean out the ports of your computer and phone. And it’s definitely a safer option than using a pointed sharp object to pick the dirt and debris out.

Just remember, make sure your device is turned off. Then, hold your can straight up and point the straw like attachment into the port while blowing short bursts of air in the port.


Although not an external issue, viruses can infect the interior of your devices. They can slow your devices down and clutter them with strange messages, pop-ups and ultimately, can cause them to not work the way they used to.

If this sounds like your device, unfortunately it can’t be fixed with a microfibre cloth and anti-static foam cleaner. However, our Geeks are trained to hunt down malware (viruses) and remove it from your computer. So, book a geek today!