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Best Smart TVs 2023

Welcome Geeks! This month we’re diving into the world of smart homes and exploring the various smart devices and other components that make one up. As a part of this focus, we have put together a list of the best Smart TVs of 2023, as recommended by our expert Geeks! So, whether you’re a sports fan, a movie buff or an avid binger of TV shows, these Smart TVs are sure to upgrade your home entertainment experience!

The Budget Friendly Samsung AU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV

Are you looking for a high-quality Smart TV that won’t break the bank? Well, this budget-friendly, feature-packed TV might be the one for you!

With this Smart TV you’ll enjoy an awesome viewing experience with 4K ultra high-definition resolution and its defining feature, PurColour. Which combined, deliver crystal clear visuals and a huge range of fine-tuned colours that will make you feel so immersed in what you’re watching, you’ll forget you’re in your living room!

In regard to its smart capabilities, with built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity you’ll have access to your favourite apps, streaming services, and other internet-based content. And as a bonus, this Smart TV’s PC on TV feature is sure to come in handy for those who work from home with easy access to your PC, laptop, and mobile devices! Imagine the convenience of having your work applications and projects displayed on the big screen in stunning high definition!

So, if you’ve been looking for a Smart TV with attractive picture quality and convenient smart features, all at an affordable price, then the Samsung AU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV is for you!

The Ever Popular Samsung Q60B QLED 4K Smart TV

This popular by demand Smart TV offers a plethora of benefits for anyone seeking a stunning viewing experience!

With both QLED technology and Quantum HDR, this smart TV will deliver rich, vibrant colours, deep blacks, and sharp, detailed pictures. To sum it all up, this smart TV’s impressive picture quality will make your house guests say “Wow!”

A notable feature of this TV is its intuitive Tizen operating system and Smart Hub. This feature will offer you access to a wide range of popular apps, a built-in web browser allowing you to surf the internet on your big screen and the ability to control other compatible smart devices. This way, you can keep your entire smart home in one unified area for the utmost convenience!

Additionally, this Samsung Smart TV comes with the eco-friendly SolarCell remote which features a built-in microphone so you can conveniently access your voice assistant function and control your smart home, hands-free!

So, if you want outstanding definition and colour, and like the idea of streamlining your smart home into one area then this Smart TV is for you!

The Premium Samsung QN90 Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

Looking for stunning image quality and a premium viewing experience? Then this is the smart TV for you!

With this TV you’ll get all of Samsung’s newest innovations! You’ll get their latest Neo Quantum Processor, responsible for upscaling content to 4K resolution and providing a highly precise and adaptable viewing experience!

Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy Samsung’s exclusive new Quantum Mini LED, controlled by Quantum Matrix technology. This exclusive feature ensures accurate light control by preventing light from leaking into areas where it’s not supposed to be! You’ll get more detail in both bright and dark areas of the TV’s picture and have breathtaking HDR highlights that truly impress!

This TV also has Object Tracking Sound+. This feature delivers realistic 3D sound that tracks the action on screen and makes you feel like you’re amongst it, for an unparalleled viewing experience!

And let’s not forget about its smart capabilities! As well as having AirPlay 2 compatibility, built-in Wi-Fi, an innovative, battery-free, eco remote and the ability to function as a unified smart hub, this Smart TV also offers the notable feature, Multi View. This allows you to view both your TV and your mobile phone on the same screen at the same time making multitasking on a large screen easy and simple!

So, if you want to be the envy of all your friends and family with a Smart TV that offers premium viewing and functionality, then the Samsung 65” QN90 Neo QLED 4K Smart TV is most definitely for you!

Need help setting up a new Smart TV?

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