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Smart home essentials 2023

Looking to smarten up your home this year? Renovating and wanting to update your tech? Or, simply needing a smart solution to keep the house safe while you’re away? We’ve put together a list of Smart Home Essentials to get you started on your smart home journey. These essentials will transform your home into the envy of the neighbourhood whilst making life that little bit easier.  

Before we start listing off smart home essentials, let’s answer an important question!  

Smart Devices, what are they and why should you make the switch?  

Smart devices are internet-connected gadgets that collect and process data to automate tasks and improve your daily routines. A few examples include Smart TVs, Smart Plugs, Smart Lights, Smart Locks and Smart Thermostats. 

Smart devices allow you to conveniently automate simple daily routines, such as turning on lights at set hours or, having the heating start just before you get home. Additionally, smart homes also consume less energy, lowering carbon footprints and reducing emissions. So, let’s look at what Smart Home essentials you need to get started! 

Google Nest Mini – Smart Home Hub

The Smart Home Hub is the nerve centre of your home automation system and ties all your devices together. Most smart devices don’t require a hub and can be controlled through their own app. But, to create a truly optimised smart home we recommend bringing all your devices together with a Smart Home Hub. 

We recommend the Google Nest Mini as a budget friendly option to start your Smart Home journey. This compact, voice activated smart speaker is compatible with over a thousand smart devices including lights, thermostats, and smart plugs. Simply say, “Hey Google” to play your favourite songs from Spotify, or to get the weather forecast and day’s news. 

A smart home hub lets you get the most out of your smart home devices and makes the smart home experience, simple, streamlined, and convenient. Need some tips on connecting devices to Google Nest? Check out our blog!  

TP-Link Tapo P100 Smart Plug 

Smart Plugs are a must have in your smart home ecosystem. They save time, money and energy by having the ability to turn connected devices on/off remotely, wherever you are! If you do link your smart device to a Smart Home Hub, you’ll even be able to manage your smart plug with voice commands.

We recommend the TP-Link Tapo P100 Smart Plug, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, is affordably priced and has the ability to set up schedules and away modes. Therefore, this Smart Plug is a great option and a must have for any 2023 smart home! 

Phillips Hue Smart Lights 


With over 20 smart light bulbs to choose from, the Philips Hue range is sure to have a lighting solution that will work for you. Whether you want to create ambience, improve wellbeing or simplify your daily routines, Phillips Hue has a range of solutions to suit your needs! 

Philips Hue Smart Lights allow you to create the right atmosphere to match your mood. With the ability to choose from all shades of white and over 16 million colours, you can customise the feeling of any room. Smart automation lets your lights mimic the sunrise to help you wake up more naturally or turn on when you’re away to make it look like you’re still at home. Overall, smart lighting brings emotion, convenience, and security to your smart home. 

Sensibo Heat Pump Controller 


With winter on the way, creating a warm and cosy smart home is a must! A smart thermostat or smart heat pump controller allows you to schedule your heating to create a warm liveable space in your home. With 7 day scheduling you can be fully in control of your climate. Additionally, you can create schedules that will warm the house when you wake up in the morning or turn on the heating 30 minutes before you come home from work. 

The Sensibo Sky Smart Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Controller has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. With Climate React, you can control your comfort and energy use by setting triggers to change the climate based on temperature, humidity levels and comfort parameters. 


These four Smart Home essentials are key to any Smart Home overhaul! However, there is a plethora of other smart devices which you can add to make your home smarter, more liveable and more convenient! So, if you want to learn more, read our blogs on The Best Smart TVs 2023 or The Best Brand Of Home Security Cameras.

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