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Celebrating International Women’s day at Geeks on Wheels

For over 100 years International Women’s Day has been a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights around the world. The theme for 2023 International Women’s Day, celebrated March 8th was #EmbraceEquity. We saw this as a great opportunity to share the stories of some of the women at Geeks on Wheels, working in an industry that has traditionally had lower levels of representation for women. By sharing their perspectives and experiences we hope to inspire more women to join the IT industry and pursue what is a great career!

Maddy – Mobile Technician Dunedin

Maddy, one of our Dunedin Mobile Technicians

Growing up, tech was always seen as a male thing and is still a male-dominated industry today. It was something I always wanted to learn about since I grew up with technology.

When studying, in the first semester of my tech class, there was only myself and one other girl. In the following semester, our classes got split into 2 streams meaning I was the only woman in my class. I didn’t let this bother me and actually made some really great friends out of it.

The teacher even told us they hadn’t had any women doing the tech paper for about 3 years! I think it will be good to see more women in male-dominated industries as it encourages girls to dream big and not let anything stop them from pursuing what they want in life. It will also bring more balance to the force (workforce that is).

Alex – Mobile Technician Auckland

Alex, one of our Auckland Mobile Technicians

I have always loved the tech world and trying to figure out how things work and  “tick”. So, being a woman in a male-dominated industry was not going to stop me from joining the tech industry, when it was something I love to do.

When I studied I was one of the few women. However, this didn’t stop me but instead motivated me to do my best and be the best. Because of that mindset, I was one of the top 2 students. For anyone who may want to get into a male-dominated industry, I’d say, don’t let that sway you! You can be whoever you want regardless of gender.

Women are different kinds of thinkers and sometimes, can figure out things that men otherwise, might not have thought of. I won’t let anyone tell me I can’t do something when I’m well aware I can. Nothing is unattainable, especially when you’re a woman.