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Lifestyle apps 2023

Hey Geek fans, this month we want you to fall in love with your tech all over again! So, in this blog we’re going to showcase some Geek recommended lifestyle apps that will simplify your daily routine, level up your phone’s practicality, and make you feel as giddy as the day you got your hands on your first ever smartphone!


Our first recommended lifestyle app is Planta! The ultimate lifesaving solution for your beloved plants!

When you’re not the best at keeping your greenery alive, Planta really comes in handy! Simply give the location of your plant (living room, bedroom, kitchen etc), how much light the area gets and a plethora of other details, and Planta will give you a catered care schedule all within your smartphone!

The only downside of this app is that it’s not free, but it’s safe to say you get a whole lot of value for a reasonable yearly fee. Planta gives you curated care schedules, alerts, recommendations, step-by-step guides, a plant identification tool, a light meter and even a Planta doctor feature for when your green babies don’t look so well!


Want to hang out with people that share the same hobbies as you, but don’t know where to look for them? Check out Meetup, the social media app that allows you to share your interests with like-minded people through online and in-person events, all around the globe!

Meetup was started over 20 years ago, with the aim of bringing people together. Today there are over 60 million users in 193 countries, connecting and growing communities.

If you’re just wanting to join existing groups, then creating a Meetup account is free. During the sign-up process, users input info about their interests, hobbies, age, and location. Meetup then finds nearby groups that match your profile and users choose which ones to join.

The rest is pretty straightforward, various organisers within the Meetup Group will plan events and trips and signing up to join through the app is simple and convenient!

ZOOM Pharmacy

Next up is the ZOOM Pharmacy app, the revolutionary free medical app created by an NZ-owned and operated company!

It’s not always easy organising and picking up your prescriptions from the pharmacy, especially for repeats! But, if you use the ZOOM Pharmacy app, you can order and have your prescriptions delivered to your door anywhere in New Zealand, all within your smartphone!

And that’s not it! ZOOM Pharmacy gives you instructions and information on your prescribed medication, alerts you daily when you need to take your medicine, reminds you when you are due for a repeat and coordinates your repeat prescription deliveries. It’s practically like having a pocket pharmacist!

Interested? Download the ZOOM Pharmacy app on the App Store or Google Play Store and have your GP send over your prescription. After that, ZOOM will handle the rest!

Sleep Cycle

Don’t have the best relationship with sleep and your alarm clock? Then you should try out our next recommended app, Sleep Cycle!

Sleep Cycle has a number of awesome features. It has an intelligent alarm clock, a sound recorder for snoring and sleep talking, in-app soothing sounds to help you fall asleep easier and it provides a thorough analysis of your sleep patterns from the moment your head hits the pillow!

Best of all, Sleep Cycle wakes you up the natural way, when you’re in your lightest stage of sleep. This means, for $49.99 per year or $4.17 a month, you can say goodbye to groggy mornings and become what you’ve always wanted to be… a morning person!

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