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Threads: An introduction to the new social media platform

Threads, Meta’s brand new social media platform has been the talk of the internet ever since its release on the 5th of July 2023! So, there is no doubt you’ve at least heard about its launch if you spend a fair share of time on the internet. But what is Threads, should you sign up and what actually is the conversation-based app’s role?

Threads Vs X (Twitter)

If you’re well versed in the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), you’ve already got an understanding of how Threads works. This is because many consider the new app a direct rival of X’s. This is due to their nearly identical formats and Thread’s fast rise to fame. The new social media platform accumulated 10 million users within the first few hours of its launching. Whereas Twitter took 780 days to reach that milestone when it went live to the public in 2006.

What is Threads role?

In a verified Threads post, Mark Zuckerberg stated that “The vision for Threads is to create an open and friendly public space for conversation.”

Built by the Instagram team, the new social media platform was made for sharing text updates and joining public conversations. Posts can be 500 characters long and they can include links, photos, and videos of up to 5 minutes in length. Like Instagram, you can follow and connect with friends and creators who share your interests. And, this can be beyond just the people you follow on Instagram.

How do you sign up for Threads?

The sign-up process for Threads is simple. However, you will need an Instagram account to sign in, despite it being a distinct and completely separate app.

To get started, you’ll simply need to download the app from the Google Play or App store. Once Threads is installed, it will prompt you to sign in using your Instagram credentials. Or, it will guide you through creating an account if you don’t have one already.

Threads’ seamless integration with Instagram serves as a notable benefit and outperforms X in this aspect. It allows users to effortlessly sync their Instagram settings directly to the new platform. There is no need to start building your following from scratch because the app will give users the ability to carry over their following and followers automatically. And as a bonus, any blocked accounts on Instagram will also carry over to Threads!

Threads privacy policy

It is worth noting that Threads’ privacy policy has faced criticism from privacy experts due to its extensive data collection practices. The app not only tracks your content preferences but is also said to access further sensitive information. This includes information such as your GPS location, cameras, photos, IP details, and more. So, before downloading and signing up, be sure to review Threads’ privacy policy. This way you can make sure you’re comfortable with the data the new social media platform will have access to.

So, if you think Meta’s latest venture in the social media landscape is something you could be interested in exploring, go ahead and download Threads! Give it a go for yourself! And, if you do need a hand navigating any of your social media apps, or if you need assistance with any troublesome tech. Book a Geek today. The tech experts are here to help!