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Warm your kitchen with these tech gadgets this Winter!

Now that we’re in the heart of Winter and inside our cosy homes more often, our kitchens are calling out for more attention! And what better way to get excited about Winter meals than to explore some of the kitchen gadgets that make cooking a breeze!

So, just for you, we’ve put together a hearty list of technology and gadgets that will help you warm the kitchen this Winter.

Smart Meat Thermometers

Are you in a constant battle with overcooked and undercooked meat? Take the guesswork out of cooking temperatures and try out a Smart Thermometer.

With mobile integration and Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while your meat cooks perfectly.

Download the integrated app and explore your new smart cooking options. From pre-set temperature guides, meal notifications, real-time temperature monitoring and more. You’ll eliminate the need to constantly check on the progress of your food.

Recommendation: Try out the Weber iGrill 2!

Thermomix TM6

Get a helping hand in the kitchen, with your new Sous Chef, the Thermomix!

This all-in-one cooking appliance combines the functions of multiple kitchen gadgets into a single powerhouse. From chopping and blending to steaming and kneading, the Thermomix really can do it all!

With its intuitive touchscreen interface and a wide range of pre-programmed recipes, preparing gourmet meals has never been easier!

But that’s not all, the Thermomix also has a smart feature that creates and manages shopping lists for you. With wireless connectivity, you can access your list on your phone or tablet, ensuring you never forget a crucial ingredient again!

Smart Home Display

Get yourself a kitchen assistant that talks back to you! Smart home displays will streamline your cooking experience with their vibrant screens and voice-activated commands.

You can say goodbye to flicking through heavy recipe books, and instead, hello to hands-free recipes and cooking tutorials! You can also set timers and even control any other compatible smart devices or kitchen gadgets that you have in your kitchen or throughout your home.

So, if you’re wanting an interactive cooking companion, go out and get yourself a smart home display.

Recommendation: Try out the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)!

Chat GPT

Needing some culinary inspiration? Meet Chat GPT, your AI-powered cooking companion.

Chat GPT is a text-based conversational AI, which means you can input questions or requests and Chat GPT will reply conversationally. So, whether you need recipe suggestions, cooking tips, or ingredient substitutions, Chat GPT is guaranteed to virtually assist!

However, it’s important to note that Chat GPT was trained on data from 2021, so some of the responses may not be up to date. And the chatbot is still improving, so responses aren’t always entirely accurate. Remember to keep this in mind when you’re chatting with this virtual kitchen assistant!

Don’t settle for ordinary kitchen routines this Winter! Switch things up and embrace these awesome tech gadgets and tools that will elevate your culinary skills to the next level! If you need a hand setting up new smart devices have questions about your existing gadgets, or need computer repairs before you can start using Chat GPT, Book a Geek today! Our tech experts are dedicated to taking the stress out of technology!