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Author: Cathy Empson

  • Most Famous Computer Viruses In History

    Most Famous Computer Viruses In History

    A computer virus can be reasonably harmless, simply reducing your computer’s performance or displaying joke messages. Others have gotten way out of hand. Early on, even the most widespread viruses were reasonably harmless, simply the handiwork of bored geeks who wanted to see what they could do. As time went on, authors started using viruses…

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  • Macs Cannot Get Viruses: Fact or Fiction?

    Macs Cannot Get Viruses: Fact or Fiction?

    When it comes to Mac repair, most users think viruses will not be a part of the equation, but is this actually true? The short answer is no – Apple Macs are able to get infected by malware – viruses included – it just happens less often than it does with PCs running Microsoft Windows.…

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  • Five Reasons Your Computer Keeps Freezing

    Five Reasons Your Computer Keeps Freezing

    You need your computer for just about everything these days. A lot of people use them to work and organise their lives, and after a long day at work, it’s nice to kick back and watch some TV shows or play some video games… on your laptop. Unfortunately, everyone knows that uniquely frustrating feeling when…

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  • Which Computer Upgrades Will Give Me the Best Value for Money?

    Which Computer Upgrades Will Give Me the Best Value for Money?

    Time for a computer upgrade? If your PC or laptop is running slow, there’s no need to invest in a brand-new computer. Upgrading a few key parts of your machine can go a long way – but which parts should you start with? Fortunately, this question has a few easy, universal answers. No matter what…

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  • Computer Maintenance – Ultimate Monthly Checklist

    Computer Maintenance – Ultimate Monthly Checklist

    Our Ultimate Monthly Computer Maintenance Checklist A computer is no different from a car. It requires constant maintenance to ensure that it performs at its best. In this blog post we provide a list of monthly computer maintenance tasks that you should get into the habit of doing. Computer Maintenance One: Update Your Computer Regularly…

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  • Microsoft 365 for Business | 5 Reasons to Migrate

    Microsoft 365 for Business | 5 Reasons to Migrate

    Microsoft 365 for Business | 5 Reasons to Migrate Many small to medium sized New Zealand business are seeing the advantages of migrating to Microsoft 365. Microsoft offers a cloud-based service that includes Exchange Online, Office Web Apps, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. Migrating to Microsoft 365 for business to the cloud can take careful…

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  • Scams NZ – Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Them – Cyber Security

    Scams NZ – Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Them – Cyber Security

    Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Scams NZ Over the last 2 weeks Geeks on Wheels has noticed a substantial increase in the number of scams NZ directly affecting New Zealanders. In a usual month, Geeks on Wheels would generally average around 200 customers contacting us per month concerned about scamming activities. However recently we have been…

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  • Is anybody else reading your emails? | Geeks on Wheels Tips

    New Gmail features help you keep out unwanted readers for good! Up until now, Google has had a relaxed practice of allowing third-party app developers to read your Gmail conversations to target you with specific advertising. In the past, giving permission to developers to read your emails could have been as simple as signing in…

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  • What makes an ideal technician at Geeks on Wheels?

    Currently at Geeks on Wheels, we are in an exciting phase of recruiting a range of new technician roles across a number of our regions. Today we sat down with our HR Coordinator Vic to talk about the recruitment process, and what he looks for in potential applicants. Q – What qualities do you look for…

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  • Geeks On Wheels Auckland – Meet The Team

    Meet Auckland’s Friendliest Computer Technicians Auckland is not only full of great experiences but is also full of people. It’s New Zealand’s most populated city. Lots of people means lots more technology, which also means, lots more tech-failures. Luckily, Auckland has some of the best techies around to sort them out. Meet Auckland’s Geeks on…

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  • Dunedin Geeks Roll Into Town

    Dunedin: the coolest city at the bottom of the world Dunedin. It’s the coolest little city at the bottom of the world and if you live in New Zealand, there’s a high chance you probably haven’t ventured that far South yet. The South Island cops a bit of flak – it’s undoubtedly colder in winter,…

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  • Slow and Steady Computers Don’t Win the Race

    Is there anything worse than a slow computer? Not for the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world looking for ways to fix their slow computers, fast! A slow PC happens to be the most common complaint from people in Auckland to Hamilton to Wellington, and it’s not hard to understand why slow…

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  • Frozen Mac Hacks – Get Back To Full Speed

      Oh no! It’s the dreaded colourful spinning circle icon on your Mac screen! You may have been here before as Macs lean towards a temporary freeze – even when they’re known as some of the best computers on the market. So, why is your Mac freezing? Well, it could be any number of reasons…

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  • Who Ya Gonna Call? What to Look for in a NZ Laptop Repair Service Provider

      That feeling when your laptop stops working: ultimate panic. We’ve all been there and it isn’t pretty. Luckily, there are plenty of laptop repair services providers in New Zealand – but the tricky part is knowing who to go to. Local or national? Ma and pa store or a chain? Of course, if you’re…

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  • Pet tech – how to use apps and devices to take care of your pet

    There is wearable technology for just about everything: from smart watches that tell you when to exercise, to baby onesies that tell you it’s time to change your baby’s nappy. And now there’s a range of technology to help you be a better pet owner. Microchipping your pet When you take your pets to the…

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  • The SkySphere – the kiwi bach of your tech geek dreams

    Deep down on his parent’s Manawatu Farm, Jono Williams has been busy at work building the kiwi bach of his dreams. The Skysphere is the result of a chat over a few beers with a friend. After three years of hard work his solar-powered steel tower is finished. The project was a labour of love,…

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  • Cloud computing, making your life easier

    Cloud computing is hardly a new concept, tried and true email services like Hotmail have been using cloud based storage for decades. But with technology advancing, and smartphones becoming a compulsory accessory for most of us, the need to access information all the time, from anywhere, is growing – and the cloud helps us to…

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  • Smarten Up! – Top Tips for a lost Smartphone in New Zealand

    If you’ve lost your mobile, you’re not alone. On average, people lose their smartphone at least once per year. Smartphone theft in 2013 was at a record 3 million. So don’t blame yourself if you’ve lost your mobile, there are more constructive and effective actions to take. Losing your phone is inevitable It’s a fact:…

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  • Translating Google Translate!

    By Dave Jurgensen – Hamilton Team Leader Are you a Star Trek fan? No? Well, no matter, you will still be blown away by the latest update from Google! In their latest version of Google Translate (available for Android, and iPhone/iPad), you now have access to a Universal Translator! Google Translate has already been a…

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