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What makes an ideal technician at Geeks on Wheels?

Currently at Geeks on Wheels, we are in an exciting phase of recruiting a range of new technician roles across a number of our regions. Today we sat down with our HR Coordinator Vic to talk about the recruitment process, and what he looks for in potential applicants.

vic-social-mediaQ – What qualities do you look for in future Geeks on Wheels technicians?

 “The number one quality I look for in potential applicants is a unique personality and interests outside of IT. That may seem secondary for an IT role, but when it comes to our customers, having an engaging and friendly personality with relatable interests is what makes our Geeks special and awesome to be around.”

Q – What does an ideal candidate look like to you?

“Apart from the obvious traits like being well spoken, presentable, and having a full drivers license – being genuine and approachable is a must. We want our Geeks to bring their personality and humanity to their work to help break down the barrier around the customer and their technology.”

Q – What makes our Geeks on Wheels technicians special?

“Our Geeks are all about the people! From the supportive team dynamic across the regions, to making their customer happy at the end of the appointment, they all thrive off that energy and making a positive impact is what we are all about.”

Q – What are some tips for someone looking to apply?

 “I really want to see your personality shine through your CV and cover letter before you advance in the interview process. Experience across the board will also set you above the rest as it shows you can adapt and relate to different situations and personalities.”

If you or someone you know would be interested in one of our exciting technician roles, then apply directly at our careers page