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Geeks On Wheels Auckland – Meet The Team

Meet Auckland’s Friendliest Computer Technicians

Auckland is not only full of great experiences but is also full of people. It’s New Zealand’s most populated city. Lots of people means lots more technology, which also means, lots more tech-failures. Luckily, Auckland has some of the best techies around to sort them out.

Meet Auckland’s Geeks on Wheels team – the friendliest and most down to earth bunch of geeks you’ll probably ever meet. Skilled at computer repairs, mobile phone stuff and general gadgetry, when they’re not busy fixing your MacBook Pro, they’re loving Auckland city life.

Samantha Pokai is a fresh face in the team. Even though it’s only been 4 weeks, she’s had some hilarious and memorable chats with the team and loves problem-solving. She’s a born and bred Aucklander and lives here with family. For a lazy Sunday breakfast, she reckons Takanini’s Cafe Club and Bakery’s foods on point. Don’t let her catch you forgetting your passwords, though – she reckons this is everyone’s worst habit!

Like Samantha, Rueben Strom agrees that forgetting passwords is a bad habit – but he’s guilty of it himself so don’t worry. Also an Auckland native, Rueben likes to take his wife to a beautiful lookout in the Waitakere Ranges that looks out over the Huia Valley. Rueben says that on a clear night, the views of the Milky Way are amazing.

Matt Packer’s been in Auckland for twenty-eight years and his favourite spot is Orpheus Point for great fishing. He’s got a great family of his own, but Matt’s favourite thing about working for Geeks on Wheels is being part of a team that he describes as like ‘one big family’. Matt is an IT guru, having an interest in it since he was only nine years old. Matt’s IT secret is that even though he’s great at looking after your computer troubles, he sometimes forgets to look after his own.

Brian Campbell, Ethan Smith and Jack Waller are pretty obsessed with PokemonGo! (Maybe after they’ve repaired your computer you could ask them for a few handy tips). Brian moved to Auckland from South Africa five years ago and loves how easy, friendly and safe it is. Being a Geeks On Wheels technician means he can meet heaps of new people and travel around the country, something that he enjoys and his strengths are in logical troubleshooting and keeping calm and carrying on. He also loves seeing the joy on people’s faces when he’s synched up their devices.

Ethan has been in Auckland all the twenty-two years of his life but still finds exploring his own city inspiring. When he wants to get amongst nature and hang out with some cows, he heads over to Mt Richmond Domain in Otahuhu. Ethan is an all-rounder and can sort out your operating system no matter what it is, even though he’s a Mac pro at heart. When Ethan was young he dreamed that flying cars would be a reality – there’s still hope yet. And a word of advice from Ethan – shut your computer down every once in a while, and if you want your Mac to work faster, close your apps too!

Jack loves coming into work, his IT strengths lie in Excel spreadsheeting and endless computer testing through gaming. Jack has a competitive streak that extends to Pokemon Go after work to try and beat his fellow workmates. Like Matt, virtual reality was his geek dream as a kid, because it would allow you to be anything and go anywhere. Jack’s piece of IT advice? Mac computers do actually need antivirus software! Call him up if you need help.

GeeksAucklandGeeks on Wheels Auckland services

As you can see, the Geeks on Wheels team are a versatile bunch and will work their magic on any of your tech troubles. For Mac repairs, laptop and computer repairs in Auckland, you won’t find a better team.

Our mobile computer repairs come straight to you anywhere in Auckland, providing you with repair and support services, system health checks, software updates, hardware checks and virus scans. Our team can troubleshoot all kinds of PC and Mac problems.

If you do suspect you have malware or a virus on your computer, we’ll come to you and ensure that your anti-virus software is up to date, do a full virus scan and remove any spyware that could be lurking in your system.

We can service all sorts of computers and many of our Auckland geeks are specially trained in Apple Mac repairs, on all their operating systems.

If you’ve got a new computer and don’t know what you’re meant to do next, we’ll travel to your home or Auckland office and get everything set up without a hassle. We can install programmes, setup internet and email, and transfer data from your old system to your new one, and we can erase any data you no longer need.

Not only can we set a new system up, but can upgrade your PC or Mac to optimise speed, increase space, provide more RAM And get your computer running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our mobile service can provide you with a wireless router and setup so that you can surf from anywhere around the home or office. After the setup, our awesome techies will make sure your Wi-Fi is good and secure, setting up wireless security and firewall protection.

Data backup is super important these days! Protect your photos, music and other data with the help of our geeks. We can provide you with an array of different backup solutions, software, and can teach you how to use your backup drive in your home or office.

And if you have lost that precious data, we’ll come straight to you and will use all the resources available to try and recover those lost files. Then we’ll insist you use a backup!

Our computer repair services in Auckland are the best, and our technicians are highly trained and even better, friendly and helpful. If you have Mac or PC issues that aren’t listed here, give us a bell anyway and we’ll help you out as best we can.

Auckland – Lots To See and Do

When it comes to activities in Auckland, the question isn’t is there anything to do, but what do you choose? Auckland is a hive of activity and culture – you could go to every corner of the sprawling city and find something there that you can’t find anywhere else. With beaches nearby, great shopping, amazing bars, and a huge variety of cultural experiences, Auckland is the perfect place for holidayers and people of all kinds.

Central Auckland spoils you for choice – do some upmarket shopping down Queen Street, find some vintage bargains on K’ Road and then put your feet up at a schmancy restaurant for lunch on the Viaduct.

If you’re looking for family entertainment, the Sky Tower is a favourite and The Auckland Museum is packed with exhibitions – cool stuff for kids and adults alike. The new Silo Park has a great playground for kids and is home to an open-air cinema, loads of drool-worthy food trucks, basketball courts and more. If you’ve got a few budding Rembrandts in your company, the Auckland Art Gallery hosts some of the best art from Aotearoa and around the world. And a visit to the Auckland Zoo just goes without saying.

Want to escape the city? There are loads of great outdoorsy things to do, like taking the ferry to Waiheke Island or even just making the trek over the harbour bridge to visit the North Shore. Go for a beautiful scenic walk along the Waitakere Ranges; experience the bright colours and flavours of the Otara Markets down South – wherever you are, Auckland serves you everything on a giant platter – you just have to make your pick.


Auckland – New Zealand’s hub

Even though Auckland is full to the brim with great things to do, what really makes Auckland such a vibrant city is the people. There’s such a diverse spread of culture, no matter where you go you’re bound to meet people who are friendly and helpful, just like our Geeks on Wheels team.

The huge growth of Auckland’s population has seen it emerge as a technologically advanced city: you can’t go anywhere without seeing people on their phones or other devices. Our team is part of the emergent tech-savvy culture, who know their way inside and out of your Mac, PC or other device.

Geeks on Wheels prioritise their relationships with people – they come straight to your door, will listen to all of your technological issues and will come up with the best and most effective solution to suit you and your lifestyle.

If you have questions about anything geek related or more, give us a call on 0800 4 A GEEK and have a chat to one of our people. No tech problem is too big or too small, and the smile on your face after everything is sussed out is what makes the job extra special. Auckland might be a massive place, but we’re connected through technology. That connection is what Geeks on Wheels Auckland is all about.