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Dunedin Geeks Roll Into Town

Dunedin: the coolest city at the bottom of the world

Dunedin. It’s the coolest little city at the bottom of the world and if you live in New Zealand, there’s a high chance you probably haven’t ventured that far South yet. The South Island cops a bit of flak – it’s undoubtedly colder in winter, can be expensive to travel to from other urban areas and, you say, what is there to do?

Enter Dunedin’s burgeoning arts and culture scene, gorgeous outdoor scenery and experiences that all of the family can enjoy: there is so much to see and do. Go on a guided tour with Small City Big Walks and explore Dunedin’s uber-cool street art, where walls all over the city have been adorned with murals by some of the world’s best street artists like ROA and Phlegm.

If you’re still not tired after all that walking, try making it up Baldwin Street, the world’s steepest street, without stopping. If you’re lucky enough to be there during Cadbury’s Annual Chocolate Carnival, watch about 25,000 Jaffas roll down the street en masse with the Jaffa Race.

For an activity that’s equally cultural but a little more low key, mosey on over to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Otago Museum. Both are some of New Zealand’s oldest institutions, with collections full of stunning art and artefacts, and exhibitions that will thrill the young and old.

No mattter what kind of experience you’re after, Dunedin’s nooks and crannies are bursting with culture and a unique city experience. Best of all their Geeks on Wheels team is pretty cool to boot.


Our Dunedin Geeks on Wheels Team

Andrew and Damian from Dunedin’s Geeks on Wheels team reckon Dunedin is a pretty cool place to live too.

Damian, a USA native made the great migration to Dunedin about six months ago, and already rates the place as having good outdoorsy activities for the family and for some alone time. His favourite place to go and be one with nature is the trails along Silver Stream in Mosgiel, but he also reckons the many parks like the Dunedin Botanic Garden, is perfect for hanging with the family. And it’s not all about the greenery, Damian loves to take his family to one of many cool little theatres for a spot of dramatics. There’s no shortage of real life dramatics as a GoW technician though – Damian has witnessed one of his customer’s laptops actually catch fire! Don’t worry, this is a rarity and the GoW team will help you out before it gets to the catching fire stage. Don’t let Damian catch you double-clicking your mouse too often though, this is his technological pet peeve, saying that most people don’t know when to click just once. Something everyone’s a little guilty of, perhaps?

Andrew on the other hand, a Dunedin native, reckons many of his customers are a little too free with their passwords – either not remembering them at all, or writing them all down in one place. Passwords can be tricky things to remember though, especially if you have multiple accounts, so don’t fret too much. It’s Andrew’s job to do the worrying for you, and he’s a fine technician, specialising in cloud services and synchronising data across multiple mobile devices. His favourite place in Dunedin is a place called Ross Creek, in Maori Hill. Andrew says that back in the day you could see glow worms on the banks of creek at night time. He might be a little psychic too, as Andrew’s childhood tech-dream was the ability to communicate to one another through video. Impressive! Communication is important to Andrew, who despite leaving Dunedin for a number of years, jumped at the chance to go back, to be near his family and raise a wee one of his own.


Geeks on Wheels services available in Dunedin

Geeks on Wheels love dealing with people, and our technicians offer a range of services for the people of Dunedin. If you’re having computer troubles, we’ll come to you and sort them out. Whether it’s a PC or Mac, we can diagnose your computer’s problems and help get it running smoothly again, and can help you with software updates, hardware issues and virus scans.

If you suspect your computer does have a virus, our spyware removal service is fast and effective. We’ll screen your computer for any threats, get rid of them, and update it with the latest and best anti-virus protection software.

For those of you with a new computer, don’t stress about setting it up, especially if you’re not confident. We can come to your Dunedin home or office and set up all systems and related technology for you. This includes installing programmes, setting up internet and email, and even the transfer of data from your old computer to your new one, or removal of data you no longer need.

Wireless setup is made easier with our mobile service. We can provide you with a wireless router so you can surf the net from anywhere in your home or office. This includes setting up your wireless security, antivirus and firewall protection so that you can surf with ease and safety.

Got precious photos, a tonne of great music or some very important data that you would hate to lose? We can provide you with a variety of backup solutions, software and can teach you how to use your backup drive so that if anything does happen to your computer, you’ve got your important files at hand. Online backup solutions are also available.

If you’ve already lost your data, there may be a chance we can recover it. Give us a call and we’ll use all the tool we can to attempt to recover your files, and provide backup for the files that don’t have it already.

For any other issues not listed here, give us a bell and we may be able to help you.


Dunedin – a global city

The Dunedin Geeks on Wheels team will provide you with all the geeky info and services you need to make your life stress free. Dunedin may be at the bottom of the world,but there are top notch tech services available from our dedicated and talented team, like Damian and Andrew.

Technology doesn’t need to be a hassle, and we love helping out the technologically challenged in our community so that everyone has access to smooth running computers, fast wireless internet, and more.

We’re part of a global community, where Dunedin can be connected with someone on the other side of the world in a few seconds, and we want to nourish that. Whether it’s through art, culture or technology, it’s amazing being able to open up communication lines and know that we’re up there with some of the coolest cities in the world.

If you have any queries, computer issues or are thinking of giving Dunedin a visit, give us a call on 0800 4 A GEEK and we’ll help you out, from the bottom of the world.