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Microsoft 365 for Business | 5 Reasons to Migrate

Microsoft 365 for Business | 5 Reasons to Migrate

Many small to medium sized New Zealand business are seeing the advantages of migrating to Microsoft 365. Microsoft offers a cloud-based service that includes Exchange Online, Office Web Apps, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. Migrating to Microsoft 365 for business to the cloud can take careful planning. However it can offer a number of benefits while increasing accessibility for workers.

This blog post covers some of the benefits your business can expect from a migration to Microsoft 365. It also answers the question of why someone would move from the standalone desktop version to the cloud-based platform.

All of your important files can be saved to the cloud with OneDrive.

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage destination for all your important work files. Businesses can provide their users with storage space to save their files automatically without disrupting their work. OneDrive can be set up with Windows 10 to automatically make a copy of the documents on a users machine and back them up. This means staff can access their documents on a tablet or phone on the go if they need to. It also means if their computer breaks or is damaged all of their important files are not lost.

Microsoft 365 for business – Web based office applications.

Your staff don’t need to have downloaded Office to have the ability to edit their files on the go. Staff can modify their Word documents. Also access and play their slideshows and modify their spreadsheets on any device at any time with a subscription to Microsoft 365. This can be useful when staff receive emails on tablets or phones with business attachments that need to be modified and sent on quickly, cutting out the need for computer access.

Businesses moving to cloud computing with a Microsoft 365 package can also expect increased flexibility in the workplace.

Always have the most up to date versions of Microsoft Office Programs.

When you use Microsoft 365, your Office applications automatically update to the latest available version. This makes sure that your programs are not out of date and vulnerable to potential security issues. This can offer greater security especially around your emails with Outlook constantly updating. Furthermore it will minimise your vulnerability to malicious email content.

Microsoft 365 for business Synchronises your calendar with your emails.

When you use Exchange online through Microsoft 365, your calendar items in outlook will be synchronised to your email address. This can be especially useful in viewing your appointments and meetings on your phone. Also on multiple computers. A feature of the Outlook calendar is creating appointments. These appointments are automatically are added to your calendar. Then your calendars can be shared with your employees which helps businesses plan meetings, flights and everything else without having to ask when a staff member is next available.

Microsoft 365 for business allows for greater productivity and collaboration

Last but not least, migrating to Microsoft 365 helps employees collaborate. This gives them new ways to access information and work together on projects. With everything accessible in one place from the cloud, your entire organisation can have instant access to email, calendars, and all office applications.  You’ll also benefit from OneDrive for sharing files and working on projects together, and Skype for Business when you need to talk with clients overseas or remote workers.

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