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  • Angus A

    Angus A

    Having worked mostly in remote support roles, Angus found he loved helping people with their IT problems but felt disconnected with the lack of personal interaction. Having seen us driving around, Angus was intrigued by the prospect of offering face-to-face help! When it comes to tech problems, Angus’ attentiveness shines bright. He’s not only great…

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  • Luke Gordon

    Luke Gordon

    Luke has been a New Plymouth local since childhood. He initially ventured into a career in the banking industry, although he always harboured a passion for computers. After being asked to help out with his bank’s IT Help Desk, Luke’s journey into the tech industry really kicked off! With a wealth of experience in technology…

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  • James M

    James M

    James was born in Tauranga and grew up to discover a real passion for travelling and always being on the move. It was this passion that nudged him towards us, enticed by the prospect of getting to hit the road everyday as a Geek on Wheels. When it comes to experience, James has it all.…

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  • Rob C

    Rob C

    Rob spent a lot of time surrounded by technology, whilst growing up in Ashburton. So, with a love for all things techy, paired with a passion for helping others, he has found himself right at home at Geeks on Wheels! He excelled at Digital Information Technology at school and prides himself on his listening and…

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  • Kitt M

    Kitt M

    Kitt grew up in Napier with his two Mums, surrounded by lots of pets. Eventually, he decided to follow his girlfriend down to Wellington to begin his studies at Victoria University and he’s called it home ever since. When it comes to tech, Kitt’s the go-to guy for anything Mac related. He’s also a pro…

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  • Carlos M

    Carlos M

    Originally hailing from Colombia, Carlos and his family arrived in New Zealand when he was 9 years old. At an early age, he found himself fixing tech for his friends and family, and discovered he really loved it! Wanting to turn his hobby into a career, Carlos ventured to the Waikato region and got himself…

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  • Tom C

    Tom C

    After travelling the world working as a chef, Tom has decided to return to his roots in Wellington and reignite his earliest passion, working with computers! Having experience helping his friends and family with tech and a Level 4 certificate in IT essentials, Tom is sure to troubleshoot your tech problems with ease! And, not…

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  • Paul B

    Paul B

    Beginning his career as a Telecommunication Technician in Northland, Paul has since had a varied career including commercial fishing in Australia and working for Work and Income back here in New Zealand. Along with repairing technology, he thoroughly enjoys working on cars and fixing up old bits of furniture. He’s also a very proud father…

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  • Aaron E

    Aaron E

    With roots in Tokoroa, Aaron has been tinkering and building PCs since childhood! As well as working with computers, Aaron loves to help people with their tech problems by sharing better and smarter solutions for using their tech! His real tech journey began with a certificate in IT from Wintec in 2016 and further studies…

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  • Chance T

    Chance T

    A born and bred Hamilton local, Chance loved the feeling of making something that was broken or not working into a fully functional tech experience! He’s been fascinated with computers and the internet since he got his hands on his first computer at the age of 4 and he’s even built a few computers himself.…

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  • Ashvin V

    Ashvin V

    Having studied IT in New Zealand before heading to Singapore to work as an IT tech in the banking sector, Ashvin returned to New Zealand to become a contractor for Fujitsu. Looking for a new challenge he then joined us at Geeks on Wheels bringing a wealth of experience and a desire to learn! In…

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  • Donavan H

    Donavan H

    A family man with a wife and 9-year-old son Donavan comes to us by way of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. An avid surfer with a love of the outdoors he spent several years in South Africa working for an IT company as a Level 1 and Level 2 support technician. Bringing this wealth of technical…

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  • Dean R

    Dean R

    Dean joins us as a highly experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is a born and bred Manawatu local, starting his journey with computers back in the days of the Commodore Amiga 500. Dean has managed stores for Bond and Bond and Dick Smith, and eventually started his…

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  • Tim S

    Tim S

    Tim has always had an interest in IT, having helped family and friends with their tech and building his own custom rigs over the years. Along with a background in video editing and experience with the MS suite this provides Tim with the experience to leave our clients in a better place than they were…

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  • Justin A

    Justin A

    Justin (also known as Jason) comes to Geeks on Wheels with a diverse lineage. He grew up in the Wellington region, is part of Cook Island culture and has a mother who is part Irish. Having moved around a lot when he was younger, to the point where he thinks he should have lived in…

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  • Tom M

    Tom M

    Tom’s love for nature runs deep, which explains why he often finds himself exploring the outdoors. It’s no surprise that as a child, Tom dreamt of working as a zookeeper, however, his passion for people and technology has led him right here instead! Tom is an Apple expert, having spent years mastering the ins and…

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  • Ben V H

    Ben V H

    Hailing from Ladysmith, South Africa, Ben considers himself to be cool, calm and collected when it comes to frustrating tech issues. This paired with his love of helping people makes him the perfect candidate to be a Geek on wheels. Having worked in an IT company doing remote support, Ben has both experience and knowledge…

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  • Reuben R

    Reuben R

    Reuben is an experienced Geek & grew up in Redwood, Christchurch. He is great at troubleshooting software issues and also has strengths in hardware-based work, so across the board, he’s the right guy for the job. Reuben is passionate about how technology and people can work together to make the world a better & easier…

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  • Anthony C

    Anthony C

    Anthony is a record collector, producer and tech enthusiast all the way from the Philippines. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and with experience working as a graphic and web designer in the Philippines Anthony is a great asset to the Geeks on Wheels team. He has a passion for building computers, exploring new…

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  • Andy P

    Andy P

    Born and raised in Nelson. Andy has always been the go-to guy for when his family and friends are struggling with their devices. He is particularly interested in Microsoft operating systems, and has built his own PC. His first computer was an ‘ancient’ Apple Mac which his parents still own and use! Andy’s other interests…

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  • Sam R

    Sam R

    Originally studying to be a chemical engineer, Sam’s career goals shifted after spending high school and university tinkering around with PC’s and virtual machines, discovering a genuine passion for it. When it comes to being a geek, Sam loves the personal face-to-face nature of helping people in a field that he really enjoys. He’s great…

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  • Weonsuk L

    Weonsuk L

    Hailing from South Korea Weonsuk is one of our newest recruits. Driven by a desire to help people be happy we feel he’ll be an excellent addition to the Geeks on Wheels team. He’s really looking forward to offering our customers a personalised experience but wants to be more than just a technician. A very…

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  • Nick D

    Nick D

    Nick grew up in Ashburton and started his career repairing PCs there. He then moved to Christchurch where he worked in retail before joining the Geek team. He has a life-long passion for computers so working for Geeks on Wheels was a great match for Nick. Nick is a big movie fan and rates Back…

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  • Jared B

    Jared B

    Jared is an old hand at this whole IT thing. After spending 25 years in the printing industry and then three years as a computer technician at Harvey Norman he has a huge amount of experience at helping set up and trouble shoot issues with home computers, printers, phones, security, and smart devices. He’s particularly…

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  • Anthony D

    Anthony D

    Anthony is always eager to play around with tech, pull it apart and see how it works. With this enthusiasm towards tech problem solving, Anthony is a perfect addition to the Geeks on Wheels team. His skills in IT stem from 2 years of study at Otago polytechnic as well as years of troubleshooting his…

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