Justin A

Justin (also known as Jason) comes to Geeks on Wheels with a diverse lineage.

He grew up in the Wellington region, is part of Cook Island culture and has a mother who is part Irish. Having moved around a lot when he was younger, to the point where he thinks he should have lived in a house truck growing up, Justin found he had a penchant for computers, building and repairing his family’s computer. He chose a career in building however before earning a Diploma in IT Technical Support and joining us here as a Geek Technician.

He loves spending time with his wife and child, gardening, and axe throwing, though hopefully not all at once.

What our customers say about Justin

Justin did the job for me very efficiently. (Installation of new and more powerful extenders) Nice to sit back and watch it all happen for me. The cost was well worth the peace of mind for someone like me who freaks out where technology is concerned. Justin was very welcome. Thank you Justin – Kingsley Berkham

My email address was hacked. I rang Geeks on Wheels. The people who answered or who rang me back were so friendly and helpful, they understood how upset I was. Justin, the technician, was super efficient and lovely to talk to. This service was recommended to me by my daughter and from my experience today I will definitely be recommending this service to others. Will definitely use again – Chris Tyson

Justin was very patient and understanding of my age. I am 88 years old and not very good on the computer. Justin answered all my questions and I am very happy. Thank you! – Rayma Nakhla