Ben V H

Hailing from Ladysmith, South Africa, Ben considers himself to be cool, calm and collected when it comes to frustrating tech issues. This paired with his love of helping people makes him the perfect candidate to be a Geek on wheels.

Having worked in an IT company doing remote support, Ben has both experience and knowledge to offer! He’s also incredibly passionate about IT and he’s eager to continue his learning.

Beyond Ben’s techy side, he’s a massive gaming fan who also loves to read, specifically in the realm of the true crime genre. Additionally, Ben also considers himself a bit of a Lego enthusiast.

What our customers say about Ben

Ben V was very informative and gave us all options to make decisions – Greg O’Brien

As always, Ben arrives ready to work. He is an extremely intelligent and supportive member of your staff. As a result he is the technician I prefer to work with. He explains things in full. Hang on to him – Vicki Bamford