Chance T

A born and bred Hamilton local, Chance loved the feeling of making something that was broken or not working into a fully functional tech experience!

He’s been fascinated with computers and the internet since he got his hands on his first computer at the age of 4 and he’s even built a few computers himself. That probably explains why he’s been the go to contact for his friends or family when they’re having any tech troubles!

Outside of tech, Chance loves all aspects of music. He’s also a keen video gamer and enjoys shooting some hoops at the basketball courts!

What our customers say about Chance

I am thoroughly satisfied with the service provided by your very friendly technician, Chance. He understood the issues I was having, accessed additional support as required and communicated with me in words I could understand throughout the service – Grant O’Brien

Very good. Chance and I got along very well, not always easy for me when dealing with Geeks. My 86 year old brain is not used to dealing with computer logic through the computer but Chance managed to set up my computers to do what I wanted them to do, and when I want them to do it. Thanks a lot, Chance – Jack Linklater

Professional service!! Lifesavers. Great technician! Chance was super helpful and knew what he was doing, absolute peace of mind using Geeks on Wheels. Thank you – Amanda