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  • Smart home essentials 2023

    Smart home essentials 2023

    Looking to smarten up your home this year? Renovating and wanting to update your tech? Or, simply needing a smart solution to keep the house safe while you’re away? We’ve put together a list of Smart Home Essentials to get you started on your smart home journey. These essentials will transform your home into the…

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  • Best Smart TVs 2023

    Best Smart TVs 2023

    Welcome Geeks! This month we’re diving into the world of smart homes and exploring the various smart devices and other components that make one up. As a part of this focus, we have put together a list of the best Smart TVs of 2023, as recommended by our expert Geeks! So, whether you’re a sports…

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  • How to connect smart devices to the Google Home

    How to connect smart devices to the Google Home

    Hi Geeks! This month we’re focusing on smart devices. These clever devices can make life much easier, but many people struggle to get them set up in the first place. In this piece, we’re offering a quick guide on getting them set up and under control. Many devices can work with Google Home – simply…

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