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Christmas Gift Ideas in NZ 2021: Best Tech Gadgets for all the family

Hi Geek Fans! It’s that time of year, and we know that gift buying is often the most stressful part. So, we’ve put together a quick gift guide to inspire you, and help you get back to the fun parts. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Christmas in New Zealand is truly magical. Long summer days, evenings at the beach, fresh berries, and all the Pavlova you can eat. The only hard part is figuring out what to get everyone for Christmas. So, we’ve put together a quick technology gift guide to help you check those names off your list. Here are our top Christmas gift ideas in NZ this year:

Gift Ideas for Dad

Christmas gift idea for Dad
VR Headset
  • A VR headset: Virtual Reality headsets are great fun for dads who love gaming. The Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent standalone option, but there are plenty to choose from.
The Tile Mate
  • Tile mate: Does your dad constantly lose his keys and wallet? Tile Mate is a tiny tracker you can add to each item, then track with your phone, so your dad doesn’t have to spend 15 minutes looking for them every morning!

Gift Ideas for Mum

Christmas gift idea for Mum
An AeroGarden Harvest
  • A smart garden: A smart garden such as an AeroGarden Harvest is a clever contraption that allows you to successfully grow herbs and plants indoors all year round. It comes with automatic LED lights and reminds you when the plants need water or food. No green thumb required!
A Bluetooth beanie
  • Bluetooth beanie: Does mum like going for walks, even when it’s chilly? A Bluetooth beanie won’t just keep her warm, it’ll play her music and podcasts from her phone as well.
Christmas gift idea for Mum
A camera lens kit
  • A camera lens kit: A camera lens kit is a handy gadget that attaches to your phone and amplifies its camera capabilities. It clips on and takes wider angle shots, close-up shots, and more.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas gift idea for Kids
A Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control
  • A Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control: For the muggle who never received their letter, there’s no better gift than a genuine magic wand. This one is a universal remote control with 13 gesture commands. The kids will love it, and their Harry Potter-loving folks will probably enjoy it just as much.
Osmo Coding Jam
  • Osmo Coding Jam: The hottest gift this year could well be Osmo Coding Jam. This coding starter kit works with a tablet to teach kids 5-10 the basics of coding, all in a fun, game-style environment.

Gift Ideas for Teens 

Christmas gift idea for Teens
A sunrise light and alarm clock
  • Sunrise light and alarm clock: Does the teen in your life struggle to wake up in the morning? A sunrise light simulates the slow brightening of the morning sun for a more natural, less jarring wake up call.
Christmas gift idea for Teens
A GoCube
  • A GoCube: A GoCube is essentially a smart Rubik’s Cube, and the perfect gift for any teen that loves puzzles. It teaches you how to solve Rubik’s cubes, but also comes with its own gameplay modes.
Instax mobile printer
  • Instax mobile printer: Teens love sharing pics on social media, but they don’t often get a physical copy. The Instax mobile printer connects with social media and prints photos immediately!

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Christmas gift idea for Grandparents
A preloaded digital photo frame
  • A pre-loaded digital photo frame: There are plenty of digital photo frames on the market, but to make it extra special, load it up with your best family photos so it’s ready to go on Christmas morning.
Christmas gift guide for Grandparents
A wireless charger
  • Wireless charger: Wires are already enough of a pain – imagine dealing with them when your eyesight is no longer what it used to be. A wireless phone charger can make life easier for anyone, but especially anyone who might struggle with fiddly cables and charging points. 

Gift idea for everyone in the family…

Christmas gift idea for the whole family
A Geek+ membership

And if you’re stuck, a Geek+ package could be one of the best Christmas gift ideas in NZ for the whole family. Having Geek+ is a bit like having AA for your tech devices instead of your car.

Whether your laptop is playing up, your printer won’t connect, your phone needs updating, you want a security check, or almost anything else, Geek+ is the answer. A Geek+ membership gets you a full year of IT support at your fingertips, making it a great gift for anyone who uses technology but often deals with issues.

There are options for individuals, couples, families, and businesses, so you could technically get all your Christmas shopping done at once.

Get in touch if you have any questions, or if you need a Geek!