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Black Friday Safety Tips 2021 | Shopping Online

Hi, Geeks! Who’s looking forward to some great Black Friday deals? Got your eye on something? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to get good deals online. However, it’s also important to stay safe. That’s why this month we’re discussing some Black Friday safety tips in 2021 when shopping online.

Black Friday Online Shopping

Black Friday 2021 is coming up on November 26, and it’s sure to be a big day of online shopping. In 2019, Kiwis spent more than $650 million over the weekend. It typically marks the start of the festive Christmas shopping period, but amongst the deals and the excitement, it’s still important to be wary when shopping online.

Whether you’re planning to shop this Black Friday or simply shop online often, keep these shopping safety tips in mind.

Always pay with your credit card

 Not only do credit cards often rack up points and other perks, they are also safer. That’s because should a trade turn sour, you are not typically liable for the loss if you pay by credit card. That means you can report the failed trade to your credit card provider, and they will return your funds to your account.

The sooner you make your report, the more likely you are to receive a refund.

Question deals that are too good to be true

 Setting up an eCommerce website is easier than it has ever been. Thanks to the low cost of entry and easy set-up of websites, almost anyone can set up a website that looks and feels real. They can even invest in some advertising that pops up on your usual trusted websites such as Facebook. Then, it’s just a case of creating some seriously good deals and waiting for the payments to roll in.

If a deal is too good to miss, it actually might be too good to be true.

Do a quick security check for online shopping sites

 You can be your own detective and double-check the safety and security of online shopping sites. Here’s what to look for:

  • The lock symbol in the URL address bar (it means the site you are on is the site it claims to be)
  • Look for the ‘s’ in the https (this means the connection is secure)
  • Read reviews for websites/companies you haven’t shopped with before by searching their name + ‘review’ in Google. Be sure to look at more than just a few on the first page – fake websites can also create fake reviews, so long history of reviews with a mix of ratings is a good sign!
  • Use DNC to find out who owns websites
  • Get your red pen out and look for tpyos and errors (these are often signs of a hastily made fraudulent website)

Make a backup plan

 Before finalising your purchase, explore what happens if it goes wrong. For example, if your product arrives and it is broken or not as advertised, what happens? Is there a clear refund or return policy? Are there multiple contact points where you can get in touch with an issue?

If these policies and contact details are not clear, it could be because the website is not trustworthy.

Be wary on websites with a weird mix of products

 When you shop online with Geeks on Wheels, you know what to expect. Smart products, TVs, cameras, printers, and tech. If we were to throw cat food into the mix, things might look a little odd.

Similarly, if you find a website with a bizarre mix of products, that should also give you pause. This can be another sign of a fraudulent shopping site.

Call a Geek!

Still unsure? Get in touch to Book a Geek if you need tech assistance. We can help you check for malware, remove malware from your devices, and set up security software to help keep scammers at bay.