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  • NZ Post Scams: what to look out for!

    NZ Post Scams: what to look out for!

    Of recent, Kiwis have been facing a significant surge of NZ Post scams flooding their message inboxes! These deceptive scams are circulating through both email and text channels, with NZ Post scam text messages being one of the more predominant delivery methods. The goal in mind is to acquire your personal or financial information and/or…

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  • Romance Scams in 2023

    Romance Scams in 2023

    Hey, Geek fans, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s the month of love! Which means some of us will be craving some extra TLC this February! With social media and online dating, it is easier than ever to find romantic connections with people from all over the world! But, along with convenience, connecting…

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