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  • Speed test your internet

    Speed test your internet

    Do your favourite shows online keep buffering? Keep dropping your internet connection when you walk around the house? Start your 2024 off by speed testing your internet. Speed testing your internet will help you determine if you are receiving the speeds that you expect from your chosen broadband package. They may also help you find…

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  • Hyperfibre – Everything you NEED to know

    Hyperfibre – Everything you NEED to know

    All You NEED To Know About Hyperfibre Late last year, telecommunications infrastructure provider Chorus, launched Hyperfibre. Wondering what that is? We have the answers. What is Hyperfibre: Hyperfibre is a super-fast fibre connection that will soon be available to homes and businesses across New Zealand. With download speeds of up to 4000Mbps, its nearly 4…

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