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  • An overview of Nigel Latta’s “You’ve been scammed”

    An overview of Nigel Latta’s “You’ve been scammed”

    Respected clinical psychologist Nigel Latta is the host and presenter of a new 4-part TV documentary aired in July on TVNZ and TVNZ+. “You’ve been scammed by Nigel Latta” brings together Nigel Latta and an array of New Zealand internet safety experts to show how scammers can exploit Kiwis. And most importantly, how we can…

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  • The Best Christmas Apps For 2022

    The Best Christmas Apps For 2022

    Merry Christmas, Geeks! Festive songs are on repeat and it’s officially the silly season. But here at Geeks on Wheels, we’re still keeping technology in the limelight, which is why this month, we’re looking at some of the best Christmas apps for 2022. We’ve got some for the kids, and some for you as well!…

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  • What is Geek Approved?

    What is Geek Approved?

    Geek Approved_ allows us to PROVIDE knowledge and confidence BY OFFERING SECOND – HAND TECH to everyday New Zealanders. We find that our customers often have outdated technology, however, are not in a position to purchase newer hardware; furthermore, hardware that can genuinely help improve their home IT experience. The alternative is to try and…

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