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Our favourite Kiwi podcasts

Hey podcast geeks! In this blog we’re giving you 6 of our favourite kiwi podcasts so you can listen more locally this Autumn. As of January 2024, podcasts have over 464 million listeners world-wide! With such impressive numbers, it’s safe to assume that many of you are not only familiar with podcasts but may already be avid listeners! That’s why we want to suggest you add some of these New Zealand based podcasts to your current rotation!

The Morning Shift with Brook Ruscoe, Jordan River and Matua Marc

The Morning Shift is a conversational based podcast that prides itself on real people, real laughs and REAL talk. The podcast airs every weekday at 6AM. It covers a range of topics including culture, entertainment, sports and funny and thought-provoking stuff! And, it’s definitely one of our high-ranking favourite Kiwi podcasts!

The podcast is hosted by Brook Ruscoe, a TV presenter, radio host and former Tall Blacks player who hails from Porirua. Jordan River, an actor and TV presenter from Auckland. And, Marc Peard, a radio producer and presenter also from Auckland.

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It’s Personal with Anika Moa

It’s Personal is a podcast with an interview-based format, somewhat similar to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But, it gets a little more serious! On each episode, Anika Moa, a well-known New Zealand musician from Auckland, has intimate discussions that are both personal to herself and her guests.

The majority of Anika’s guests are also iconic Kiwi celebrities, such as, Robyn Malcolm from Outrageous Fortune and Bella Kalolo from Shortland Street!

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Between Two Beers with Steven Holloway and Seamus Marten

Hosted by two best friends of over 20 years, Between Two Beers is another conversational based podcast featuring interesting discussions with equally interesting people! 

One of the hosts is Steven Holloway, the premium sports editor at NZ herald, and Seamus Marten, former manager of the All Whites.

Steven and Seamus welcome an array of awesome guests. Spanning from Olympic rowing legend, Eric Murray to well-known New Zealand media personalities such as Jeremy Wells and Paddy Gower.

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A Moment in Crime with Anna Leask

We couldn’t make a list of our favourite Kiwi podcasts without including a True Crime podcast!

Hosted by Anna Leask, a crime and justice reporter at the Herald for more than 10 years, A Moment in Crime gives Kiwis a taster of what’s going on in their backyard!

Podcasts are released on average once a month and delve into some of New Zealand’s biggest cases. With Anna, you will explore notorious offenders and get behind-the-scenes insights into high profile trials and events!

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The Agenda with The Alternative Commentary Collective

The Agenda is your go-to Kiwi sports podcast. Hosted primarily by The Alternative Collective’s Head G and sports broadcaster Mike Lane alongside Manaia Stewart and Matt Heath. Delving deep into the world of sports, these three fellas, sometimes accompanied by other hilarious Kiwi personalities and athletes, have engaging discussions about everything sports related!

Episodes range from breaking down and commentating on sports games, interviewing athletes, covering sports news and more!   

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Cooking the Books with Frances Cook

Cooking the books is a great podcast if you want to start budgeting, increase your savings or even if you’re looking at buying your first home!

Frances Cook, the best-selling author of “Your Money, Your Future”, guides her listeners with money-based advice that everyday Kiwis might find helpful!

Sometimes with the assistance of industry experts, Frances will impart entry level financial advice and even talk about small Kiwi business success stories to motivate you with your own financial goals!

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Now that you know some of the Kiwi made podcasts out there, make sure to give them a listen on your go-to podcast streaming service! Can’t listen to your favourite podcasts cause you’re battling with your technology? Geeks on Wheels can help with all things technology! From tech repairs to smart phone training, we’ve got you covered!