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What is better than a Wi-Fi extender?

We all know just how frustrating slow or patchy Wi-Fi can be. But can it all be fixed with a Wi-Fi extender?  Are you finding that the internet works fine in the living room when you’re conveniently sitting next to the router, but as soon as you head to another room in the house videos start buffering and the connection drops? Just head out to your local tech store to purchase a Wi-Fi extender and all your issues will be resolved. Right……?

Well, maybe it’s not that simple. First, let’s look at what a Wi-Fi extender does and then let’s look at what the ideal solutions are!

What is a Wi-Fi extender and how good are they?

Wi-Fi extenders, as the name suggests, extend your Wi-Fi. They achieve this by receiving Wi-Fi signals from your Wi-Fi router and then re-transmitting them throughout the home or office. Basically, Wi-Fi extenders increase the overall range of your wireless network. But don’t address other factors that may be contributing to the slow speeds. They also usually create a new network name, meaning two will show up on your device. For example, “HomeWiFi” and “HomeWiFi_EXT”. This means your device will stay on one network until the signal is completely out of range before hopping over to the nearest Wi-Fi extender.

So, let’s say you’ve installed a Wi-Fi extender and consequently you have created a Wi-Fi network that reaches more of your house. While this network does extend your Wi-Fi’s reach, it also introduces complexities. Now you’re dealing with multiple different Wi-Fi networks that you’ll have to jump between. Additionally, you’ll also be creating dead zones where the signal is weaker than the rest of the house.

Using range extenders can also often slow everything down. This happens because they extend an already weak signal. This results in reduced speeds in the farthest corners of your house where you need reliable Wi-Fi the most.

So, should I get Wi-Fi extenders?

Before you decide to purchase Wi-Fi extenders, it’s worth making sure your current setup is fully optimised. For example, your Wi-Fi signal may be impacted by your router location, the position of large electronic appliances in relation to your router and other factors such as your router’s age and your internet package. Learn about Improving your Wi-Fi network for faster connectivity and ideally make sure you’ve done all you can before deciding to invest in Wi-Fi extenders.

We’d also highly suggest looking into other available solutions, such as mesh Wi-Fi.

Is there a better solution?

Although Wi-Fi extenders can give your home Wi-Fi network a boost in terms of range, there are better solutions to get the most out of the internet that your ISP is providing. These can include updating your router, installing a mesh Wi-Fi system and potentially installing ethernet ports in the rooms where you use internet the most.

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