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Online Christmas Meal Kits for your Xmas feast

Christmas is just around the corner! We know that between shopping, gift-wrapping and decorating, things can get a little hectic. The last-minute Christmas grocery shop is never fun! Fighting in the aisles over the last Christmas ham or searching high and low for a bottle of fresh cream. Save yourself the hassle this year and let online ordering save the day!

We’ve put together the ultimate list of Christmas Dinner suppliers to help you choose the perfect Christmas meal kit. We’ll give an overview of the festive meal kit options and prices from the four main meal kit providers in New Zealand.

My Food Bag Christmas Bag

The first of the four meal kit providers we’ve chosen is My Food Bag. Their Christmas meal kits start at $269.99 for 4-6 people. This works out at $67.50 if you go for the conservative estimate of four people. They have 4 menu options to choose from, with the 8-10 people options being $379.99 ($47.50PP).

All include an appetiser, two protein options, three sides and of course, dessert. If you feel like going a little fancier, then their gourmet option comes in at $339.99 and serves 6+ people ($57PP). As the name suggests the menu for this meal kit is a little more on the gourmet side. Caramelised onion and brie bites for appetisers and beef eye fillet and crispy pork belly for mains. This is also the only meal kit to stray away from pavlova for dessert, coming with Tiramisu instead.

It is Christmas after all so why not treat yourself right!?

HelloFresh Christmas Meal Kit

HelloFresh has a slightly different way of doing things. There are two menu options, “The Christmas Box” and “The Premium Christmas”. Both of which come with appetisers, two protein options, three sides and dessert. Prices range from $229.99 for 4-6 people ($57.50PP) to $399.99 for the 12-14 people meal kit ($33PP).

The Christmas Box includes roast chicken and Christmas ham as the mains whilst the gourmet option includes slow-roasted lamb and Christmas ham. Both options go for the smashed meringues for the dessert option, not straying too far from the classic Kiwi pavlova. If you have a big crowd to please, there is a second dessert option included if you order for 8 or more people. This is sure to add a smile to your guest’s faces.

If you do opt for “The Premium Christmas” menu then there isn’t an option to increase the number of people. So, if you’re hosting more than 4-6 for Christmas dinner you might want to reconsider. “The Premium Christmas” menu comes at a price of $249.99 or $62.50 Per person.

Bargain Box Christmas Meal

Next up is another Kiwi favourite, Bargain Box.  This is the low-cost offshoot of My Food Bag.

Bargain Box only has one option for their Christmas Meal Kits. Which they market as “New Zealand’s most affordable Christmas box” the “Bargain Box Christmas” includes a Christmas ham, two butterflied chicken’s sides, dessert and is designed to feed 8-10 people. At $299.99 it is the cheapest 8-10 serving meal kit we’ve covered but the per person cost of $37.50 comes in just above Hello Fresh’s 10-12 person offering.

If you do need to feed a few more hungry Christmas guests, there are a few options for add-ons as well. These include salmon, a plant-based Christmas parcel, and another dessert option. So you can rest assured, knowing no one will go hungry!

Woop Christmas Meal Kit

Our final provider of Christmas Meal Kits is Woop. With the ability to choose your two protein options and select the number of people you’re feeding, the ordering process does feel a little more customisable.

The meat options include ham and turkey, ham and lamb or lamb and turkey. Each kit comes with two canapes, three sides and of course dessert. As with most other options, the dessert doesn’t stray too far from the classic Kiwi pav, with Woop opting for individual strawberry Eton mess portions.

The meal kit prices range from $314 ($78.5PP) for the 4-person meal kit, to $589.00 ($49PP) for their 12-person option. As with other suppliers, there is the choice to select an add-on. However, Woop only has one option which is a pomegranate glazed salmon.

So, if you’re considering saving yourself the hassle and stress of the frantic pre-Christmas grocery shop, it’s worthwhile investing in a Christmas Meal Kit for your Christmas feast. You can complete the whole process online from the comfort of your home and is super convenient. All you’ll need is a computer, an internet connection and the culinary skills to put it all together!

If you are having trouble getting online or need some help navigating the web, get in touch with one of our friendly Geeks! We know our way around tech so rest assured we can get your tech sorted in time for Christmas! Unfortunately, we’re not trained in preparing Christmas family feasts, so we’ll leave that to the above meal kit providers!