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The Best Antivirus Software New Zealand

Hi, Geeks fans! You often ask us for our opinion on the best antivirus software available. While any software is better than no software, we always recommend Malwarebytes. Here’s what it is and why we think it’s the best!

Antivirus software is a must for modern-day devices. Also known as anti-malware, this software protects your laptops and computers by blocking, finding, and removing viruses.  Unfortunately, some antivirus software is starting to fall behind modern threats. This type of software addresses threats once the virus attacks. That means it reacts to threats rather than blocks them in the first place, and devices are still being infected as a result. 

 That’s why our favourite antivirus software is something more sophisticated: Malwarebytes. 


The Best Antivirus Software NZ: What is Malwarebytes?  


Malwarebytes is an advanced solution for a common problem. Older software relies on catching a virus and stopping it when it attacks. Malwarebytes uses several tools that work in unison to break the attack chain. 

This includes: 

  • Web protection: Prevents access to bad websites, scammer networks, and more 
  • Exploit mitigation: Detects and blocks attempts to abuse vulnerable areas 
  • App behaviour protection: Prevents apps that are already on your device from causing harm 
  • Anomaly detection: Identifies malware and viruses 
  • Payload Analysis: Identifies families of known malware 
  • Behaviour monitoring: Detects and blocks ransomware  

Malwarebytes includes protection against 0-day (previously undetected) malware using AI and machine learning. The advanced software stops future infections with Real-Time Protection that works 24/7. It manages to offer this superior protection whilst staying lightweight, taking up minimal space and with fewer notifications and add-ons, compared to many other well-known antivirus software. We often visit clients complaining of a slow device. Only to find their devices are being slowed down by clunky antivirus software and numerous popups. Thankfully Malwarebytes uses 50% less CPU resources than before and is effective on MAC, PC and Android OS.


What does Malwarebytes protect against? 

Malwarebytes is a great piece of software that protects your devices from a whole range of issues with a whole range of tools. As Malwarebytes grows in popularity, it also becomes more effective. That’s because it protects millions of computers, and those computers create a stream of detection events. These events help Malwarebytes to provide a fast response as new threats occur. 

That includes ransomware. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and they can result in losing all of your files. However, all of those using the premium version of Malwarebytes for Windows were protected from all the major attacks in recent years. 

Another threat is that of cryptojacking. This is where malware hijacks your device and uses it to mine for cryptocurrencies. The good news is that Malwarebytes also protects against this threat. 

Malwarebytes also protect against…

And finally, Malwarebytes also protects against viruses for Macs. As more people move to Macs, more viruses are being created to evade their systems. This is despite the illusion that Mac is known for being safe – which gives users a false sense of security. Macs are just as vulnerable to malware such as adware, PUPs, spyware, and other bad software as PCs, but Malwarebytes can detect and remove these threats. 

That’s why we think Malwarebytes is the best antivirus software right now. And that’s why we include it for all Geek+ Premium members as part of the package. Contact us to find out more about this software or how to get it for your devices. 

 Want to know more about Malwarebytes? Check out their website. Click here