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Text Message Scam Alert NZ

Text Message Scam Alert NZ

We have received information that many of our customers have been targeted by a text message scam. The text message is regarding an unpaid customs charge for package delivery.  Sent from an Australian number, the text says: “We have attempted to deliver your package UPS016448296GB, but there is an unpaid customs charge. Follow the instructions here: have taken the link out for your safety)”. The link then takes you to a website which asks for your payment details. However, this is a text message scam and not legitimate.

According to Netsafe, in the last financial year, there has been a 65 per cent increase in reports related to these types of scams. This means that it’s crucial that you get protected and educated on how to spot scams. This way you can stay safe whilst using your devices. Our team are experts in troubleshooting, security, and scams. Book an appointment here. 


How did they obtain my details?

Nearly all the information scammers know about you is obtained legitimately by trawling through online sources. These include things like Facebook, LinkedIn and TradeMe. Your full name, address, pets, relatives, friends, email address and most likely your phone number could all be up for grabs for anyone to use and take advantage of. If you’re confident you have never posted your phone number online, you may have received a call from an unknown number that hung up after you answered it. On the other end is likely to be a robot brute forcing phone numbers. They then wait for you to answer to confirm the phone number is active. This results in you then being open to be scammed!

“Confidential’ information that is still confidential (i.e. you haven’t made it publicly available online anywhere), such as card details, are often obtained when companies you have provided these details to have become a victim of a hack or a scam. This information is then often sold on the black market and used fraudulently. If this happened to you, the bank would normally be the first to detect this and let you know.

The ‘dark web’ allows scammers to get hold of confidential information such as mobile numbers. They can then use your number to send text message scams. Read more about other NZ scams here.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Don’t click the link in a text asking for personal details or payment information.
  • Do contact your delivery service, via their contact number on their website if you are waiting for a delivery to check with them that they have sent the message.
  • Do call Geeks on Wheels on 0800 424 335 if you are unsure whether the text is legitimate or not.
  • Don’t give your payment details to any unsecured websites.

Text Message Scam Help

Geeks on Wheels offers FREE first call service advice for anyone in this situation. Call 08004AGEEK  (0800424335) for professional assistance and guidance on how to deal with the situation.

There is a series of steps to follow if you think you have been scammed. These include changing your passwords and contacting the providers of the service the scammer pretended to represent.

Geeks on Wheels can assist throughout this process and ensure that your computer is safe to use and is up to date with the appropriate antivirus software.

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