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How to extend WiFi signal NZ | Even through concrete walls

Hi Geeks! Last week we stayed somewhere with concrete walls and noticed just how difficult it was to pick up the WiFi. We know this is a common problem, so today we’re talking about how to extend WiFi signal NZ and make it stronger. And even pick it up through concrete walls!

When your WiFi works well, you don’t even notice it. But when your WiFi connection is weak or cuts in and out, it can be incredibly frustrating.  

This can happen when you are far from the router, or when you are separated by thick concrete walls.  

In either case, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help extend your WiFi signal. This way, you don’t have to deal with intermittent internet.  

Here are a few of our best tricks.  

Guide to boost your WIFI signal

Your guide to a strong WIFI signal

Avoid interference  

 WiFi connections can experience interference from other devices that use the same radio frequencies. This includes other cordless phones, your microwave, and even garage door openers. Try to stay away from these devices or move them to another area.  

 Similarly, if you live in an apartment or close to a neighbor, your WiFi signal might be getting mixed up with someone else’s. In this case, you can switch to a different frequency so you’re not competing for the same one.  

 Move your router  

 Often, we place the router wherever the cable comes in. Or, we tuck it away somewhere hidden, or behind the computer.  

 While these spots make sense, they might not help your WiFi strength.  

 Instead, put your router somewhere in the centre of your home, so the signal reaches everywhere in your house. You should also avoid tucking it away in cupboards or behind other items for optimum signal strength.  

 Boost your signal  

If you have tried the usual free tricks and still struggle with your signal, you can boost it. Invest in a MESH network or Wi-Fi Range extenders to rebroadcast your signal to areas where it is particularly weak – such as behind a concrete wall.  

 You can also get a WiFi adaptor (a receiver) for your laptop or tablet. This plugs into a USB port and helps to pull in the signal. This can be a great investment if you travel often and want to have a mobile solution for poor signals. 

 Upgrade your router 

How old is your router?  Like all technology, routers have advanced significantly over the years. If you’re still using an old router, it could be the cause of your weak WiFi signal. 

We recommend a TP-link Deco router. This technology automatically selects the best connection for your mobile devices, no matter what you’re using or where you are in the home. It also covers your home better so you don’t have any weak spots, and provides a more stable connection so you don’t drop out as you move around.  

Upgrade your router with Geeks on Wheels

At Geeks on Wheels, we often help homes and businesses switch to TP-link DecosGet in touch with us to find out more about this technology, how it can improve your WiFi, and how we can install it for you for better connections – even behind concrete walls.