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Tech devices for the great outdoors this spring/summer

Hi there Geeks! Have you noticed the days getting longer and warmer? The daffodils in bloom? Summer is on its way, so this month we’re looking at some of the best hardware and software for the season.

Spring has officially sprung, and with warmer weather on the way, many Kiwis are looking forward to getting outside and enjoying nature once again. Whether it’s a picnic at the beach or a multi-day hike on one of the Great Walks, there are plenty of ways to make the most of New Zealand’s natural wonders. And of course, there are plenty of tech devices to help improve those experiences.

Garmin Smart Watch

The Garmin Smart Watch range is laden with useful features. They with built-in sports apps to keep track of your activities, from HIIT workouts to indoor climbing and golfing and even offer daily workout sessions and lets you know how much recovery time you’ll need after a tough workout.

Garmin watches offer smart notifications when paired with your smartphone, contactless payments, trackback routing to help you find your way back in unfamiliar territory, and unlimited battery life with solar charging.

For someone who spends a lot of time exercising or in the outdoors, this smart watch will become a fast favourite.

Garmin inReach Mini

Plenty of Kiwis love getting into the backcountry for multi-day hikes. Yet this comes with potential risks of getting lost or injured, in which case you need to be able to contact loved ones or emergency services for help.

The Garmin inReach Mini is a compact satellite communicator to ensure you can make contact from anywhere – without carrying a bulky, heavy satellite phone. It has SOS alerts, location sharing, and two-way global messaging. It also provides weather updates to help you make informed decisions about your travels and route.

UE Wonderboom 2

Whether it’s a pool party, a day at the beach, or a picnic at the top of a mountain, the UE Wonderboom 2 is a great addition. This compact and lightweight Bluetooth speaker provides 360 degree sound with outdoor boost so the sound quality doesn’t feel tinny even in the outdoors.

It can play for up to 13 hours, and is waterproof and buoyant so you can take it in the water with you.

Your smartphone

 Your smartphone is one of the most useful pieces of tech you can have in the outdoors. From its torch for night time forays to the loos at the campground to the compass for finding your way and the camera for capturing memories, even the simplest of smartphones are brimming with features.

Be sure to download maps ahead of time if you’re going to be out of reception, and switch on flight mode to save battery when not in use. And stay tuned for our next blog on the best apps to download for the outdoors!

Mophie power bank

Finally, a good power bank can help to keep your smartphone and other devices going for much, much longer. A Mophie power bank is a great choice, but even the basic brands can completely refill your smartphone’s battery once or twice, which can make a huge difference when you need it the most.

And if you’re having any issues with your tech or need help understanding how to get the most out of it, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 4 A GEEK (0800 424 335) or book a Geek online.