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Should I Upgrade or Buy a New Computer?

Should I Upgrade or Buy a New Computer?

When is it time to upgrade or buy a new computer? The answer will come down to personal preference, but what factors should you consider before committing to a computer upgrade or new purchase?

A computer serves many functions, and what you use it for will determine the necessary upgrades or replacements. It is difficult when your computer is still good enough to perform the majority of actions but struggles in certain areas. Many people will instantly leap to the idea of a new computer.

However, if you are not sure why your computer is struggling, there is a chance that insufficient hardware could cause the problem to repeat in the near future. At Geeks on Wheels, we tackle computer problems every day. Below we will discuss the reasons behind choosing an upgrade or a new computer.

1. Upgrade or Buy a New Computer – Why Upgrade Instead of Replacing?

For anyone who has not built their computer and simply bought it in store – which is much of the population – the first thing to ask is whether your computer is outdated and slow across the board. Another question to ask is whether it struggles with certain processes. Different functions of a computer, such as playing video games, browsing the internet, or writing a letter, all have different requirements from your computer’s hardware. Memory and GPU upgrades are two common solutions for slow or underperforming computers.

The other question is whether your computer should be slow at all. Noticed a reasonably new device has slowed suddenly? It could be the cause of a virus or malware. You may suspect you have an infected computer. If so you should talk to a computer expert who can clean your PC of any malware, and ensure you have the latest antivirus software installed.

If you have built your own computer and have a custom pc setup, of course, you are often better off replacing individual components. Even with a new CPU or motherboard, you can still use your HDD/SSD, power supply, GPU and other components which will no doubt be cheaper than a completely new rig.

2. Upgrade or Buy a New Computer – How to Decide On a New Computer

While laptop screen repair is a simple solution after an accident, if your computer is outdated it can often be more cost effective to simply replace the device. Buying a new computer can be very exciting. However you should also consider the concerns mentioned above. Decided to buy a new computer? Speak to an expert about what you will be using it for. You should also research the hardware requirements before buying.

It is also an opportunity to future-proof your computer hardware. This allows you to buy a PC with enough memory, storage, and power to handle everyday tasks. This could include any multi-tasking, gaming, design work or video streaming you may do in the future. If you are choosing a family computer, you can customise the hardware to meet everyone’s needs.  This will ensure it is loaded with the latest antivirus and malware protection to keep your computer safe.

Computer Trouble? Call the Experts at Geeks on Wheels

Still stuck on deciding whether to upgrade or buy a new computer? Give the team at Geeks on Wheels a call. We can help identify any causes of a slow computer, and advise you on the next steps to take.

Whether it is cleaning up your hard-drive, removing malware, or helping you set up an entirely new device, our team are here to help – book a geek today.