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How to Make your Computer Faster

5 Ways to Make your Computer Run Faster

A slow computer can be frustrating when you are trying to get things done, watch your favourite videos or working from home.  Not only that but It can reduce productivity and generally make you so furious you can feel like you may want to throw your computer out.
At Geeks on Wheels, we know the frustrations that a slow desktop PC or laptop can bring – so before you require laptop repair for a slow computer, take a look at our tips on how to make your computer run faster.

Speed up my Computer by: Cleaning up your Hard Drive

If you’ve had your laptop for a considerable length of time, chances are it’s overloaded with unnecessary applications and programs. Cleaning up your hard drive doesn’t demand a full computer upgrade – often it just requires a removal of add-ons, programs and other large files that are choking up your hardware resources.

Consider the programs you use on a daily, or weekly, basis and work from there. Many of you will have the basics of web browsing and word processing covered, but think about some of the other ones that might be lost in limbo. Do you need those hundred or so download managers, software trials, and web browsers when one – or none – will do?

Make your Computer Run Faster by: Updating your OS

You’ve identified which programs are bloating up your hard disk, and you’ve cleared some space. Now it’s time to update your operating system (OS) and make sure you’ve optimised all your hardware to the latest standards. While many individuals will see updates as a waste of time, they’re beneficial in fine-tuning both programs and your OS to run as efficiently as possible.

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Save time at work by turning automatic updates. This will update your PC overnight so it may as well never have happened.

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Speed up your Laptop by: Adding more RAM

Random-access memory (RAM) is your computer’s ability to multitask. If you’ve ever worked in a job that required you to juggle multiple tasks at once, you probably know the feeling of being slowly overloading to breaking point. The more RAM your computer has, the more it can multitask without slowing down, allowing you to run virtual machines, multiple programs, and have a greater number of open windows at once.

If you’d like to quickly see how RAM can affect your computer, try opening multiple pages and tabs in a web browser, and watch how quickly your computer will start to lag.

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Make your Computer Run Faster By: Considering a Computer Upgrade

While not many of us have the luxury of purchasing a new computer every time ours begins to slow, there are many options available before investing in an entirely new machine. Memory upgrade, investing in a solid-state drive (SSD), or just adding more RAM as suggested above, can be simple and cost-efficient ways of giving new life to your laptop without you having to ask the question of ‘How do I upgrade my PC?’.

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Make your Laptop Faster By: Consulting a Computer or Laptop Repair Specialist

We understand not everyone loves computers the same way that we do – so if the above advice sounds too complicated or a waste of time, we’d be happy to take the stress out of your laptop repair and do all the work for you.

At Geeks on Wheels, we provide mobile computer help and IT support nationwide. So instead of getting frustrated at your slow laptop or PC, why not give the team at Geeks on Wheels a call instead? One of our helpful team would be happy to come to your home and help solve your computer headaches. If you want to know about our full list of services, call our team today 0800 424 335.

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