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Computer check-up  | 7 reasons why you NEED one!

Computer check-up  | 7 reasons why you NEED one!

Hi, Geek Fans! A computer check-up is one of the easiest ways to look out for the health of your gear. This blog covers the top seven reasons why you should get a computer check-up ASAP!  

We rely on our computers for everything. From Zoom calls and social catch-ups to banking, writing a new CV, and online shopping. It’s an essential part of daily life, which is exactly why we should all do our best to look after our computers and laptops.  

Here are the seven reasons why a regular computer checkup is essential…

Everything takes too long 

It’s not uncommon for computers to slow down over time. This could be files that are slow to open, searches that take forever, or something else. But just because a computer or laptop is old doesn’t mean you have to put up with glacial speeds. In fact, a check-up can pinpoint the cause so we can fix the issue and speed things up again.   


You’re not sure about your computer’s health and longevity  

Have you ever wondered how many years you have left with your trusty laptop? Or even if it’s still safe to use for sensitive tasks like banking? A computer check-up will give you a good idea of your computer’s health and longevity.  While we can’t give an exact timeframe, we can often spot issues before they arise and let you know if something looks like it might wear down soon. This can also let you know if there are parts you might need to replace.   Plus, we can confirm whether or not there is any malware installed on the computer. This will give you peace of mind when you carry out more secure tasks online.  


You have unwanted software  

Like items in that junk drawer in the kitchen, a computer can easily accumulate random pieces of software.  It could be a program you no longer use, apps you never wanted in the first place, or even games someone else installed. It might even be a computer infection you’ve not spotted. No matter the software, a check can identify it, remove it, and leave your computer with everything you need – and nothing more.  


You’re unsure if there are issues  

Not everyone is a technology expert, which is exactly why we’re here to help. If you’re unsure if your computer has issues or not, we’ll do a check-up to find out. We can find and fix them before they become an extremely noticeable problem.  


Your computer needs updates   

All computers need updates from time to time. The operating system, anti-malware software, the music player – practically everything gets a refresh occasionally.  Whether you’re unsure about how to do it, or unsure if you’ve done it right, we can help. A quick check will ensure everything is up to date and running as it should be. 


You need to renew subscription-based software  

Some software runs on subscriptions. The most notable of these is Microsoft’s Office 365 programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Our check-up will help with renewing any subscription-based software so you don’t get stuck without the programs you need.  


You want peace of mind  

Ultimately, one of the best reasons to get a computer check-up is for peace of mind. It will reassure you that your treasured hardware isn’t going to die out of the blue and that it is running well and as cleanly as possible.  

And don’t forget, when you sign up for any of our Geek+ bundles, you’ll receive a free and comprehensive annual computer health check. Contact us to find out more.