“I fell in love with the whole attitude of Geeks on Wheels”

David Feehan, managing director of Tapestry Music Ltd talks of his experiences with Geeks on Wheels and how we have helped him with his technology for over 15 years.

Originally drawn in by our eye catching cars, David became a long time customer thanks to our quality service.

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If you need computer help in New Zealand, Geeks on Wheels are the ultimate IT support team, available wherever you are!

Whether you need a computer repair expert or IT advice on how to handle Wi-Fi connectivity problems, the team at Geeks on Wheels can come to you at your home or business.

Computer & laptop repairs

Whether you have an unresponsive PC or a broken laptop screen, Geeks on Wheels can solve your computer repair problem today.


Need to set up your email account? Stay connected with the world and let Geeks on Wheels set up your email for you.

Internet & Wi-Fi

Slow or patchy Wi-Fi? Don’t get frustrated over a dropped connection, Geeks on Wheels can optimise your network today.

Computer Upgrades

A slow computer can be frustrating – our team can easily improve your computer through servicing or affordable part upgrades.

File Recovery

Back up your data! Photos, music, emails, contacts, or business files are important, and our team can ensure you keep them safe.

Virus Removal

Is your computer running really slow all of a sudden? You might have a virus – call Geeks on Wheels for quick malware removal.

Setup & Installation

Need help setting up a smartphone, laptop, or PC? Geeks on Wheels can set up your device and teach you to use it in the process.


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Geeks on Wheels for expert computer help and IT support

For nearly 20 years, our team has helped New Zealanders with computer and technology problems. If you need help setting up a device for your home or office, the Geeks on Wheels team is only a call away!

We are confident we can handle almost any computer or technology issue and can assure our customers that no problem is too simple or complex for our technicians.

Malware removal and data recovery services

Do you need help securing your personal data, or do you worry that your hard drive contains a dangerous piece of ransomware? Geeks on Wheels can take on any data recovery task – let us handle your IT problems so that you can rest easy.

Our team have years of experience in all areas of network and computer security. If you need assistance in your home or business setting up a computer, network, or Wi-Fi router, book a Geek today!

We fix Windows, Apple, Android devices and more.

Online safety tips

  • NZ Post Scams: what to look out for!

    Of recent, Kiwis have been facing a significant surge of NZ Post scams flooding their message inboxes! These deceptive scams are circulating through both email and text channels, with NZ Post scam text messages being one of the more predominant delivery methods. The goal in mind is to acquire your personal or financial information and/or…

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13 June 2024

Meet Carlos, our Wellington technician who has been with us since February! He’s been fixing tech for friends and family from an early age and has loved it ever since. Learn more about his story! ⬇️👨‍🔧

Originally hailing from Colombia, Carlos and his family arrived in New Zealand when he was 9 years old. At an early age, he found himself fixing tech for his friends and family, and discovered he really loved it! 💙

Wanting to turn his hobby into a career, Carlos ventured to the Waikato region and got himself a diploma in Information and Technology support. He considers his strengths to lie in web development, Linux scripting and troubleshooting. 👨‍💻

In his spare time, you might find Carlos gaming, playing his favourite sports, in bible studies or re-watching his favourite film, Inception. ⚽️

#MeetTheTeam #WorkLife #SmallBusiness #Team #Wellington
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12 June 2024

Lately, we’ve noticed a surge in scam emails where only the ‘Unsubscribe’ button contains the scam link. Scammers use this tactic to trick victims into thinking they’ve been signed up for a service, event, or competition, prompting them to click ‘Unsubscribe’ to stop receiving emails. 📧❌

If you receive an unexpected email from a company you haven’t subscribed to, it’s likely a scam. Avoid clicking any links and block the sender. Stay safe! 🛡

#DidYouKnow #Reminder #TechSupport #Unsubscribe #PhishingEmails #Scammers
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