Vivek P

Vivek has been building and debugging computers since before the internet was cool! And to him, problem-solving is like an enjoyable puzzle. So with this combined experience and zest for troubleshooting, Vivek is the epitome of Geek!

20 odd years ago Vivek built his first PC. Since then, he’s been in tech sales and even worked as a journalist in the tech sector! He’s got knowledge in Java script, coding and Python. On top of this, Vivek has worked with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Diverting from his tech skills, Vivek is an avid traveller and enjoys anime, gaming and music. Interestingly, Vivek actually considers himself a novice guitarist and a 3D printer enthusiast.

What our customers say about Vivek

Vivek was fantastic, I am not very tech minded and he saved me wasting money on products that would not do the job. Vivek was punctual, knowledgeable, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing his services – Morgan Howden

Vivek was very good. He explained things in a way we could understand. Our issues have been fixed and our time on the computer will be more rewarding because of that – Bryan Hoffman

Fantastic experience. Vivek is the ultimate professional, friendly and super knowledgeable. He sorted the issues out quickly, showing me what to do. Highly recommend – Debbie Cooper