Julianne V

Although born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Julianne grew up on the North Shore in Auckland using a computer for most of her life. However, her real passion for building and fixing computers only really began a few years ago in lockdown where she spent her free time watching Linus Tech Tips.

This new passion then lead Julianne to start her degree in Computer Science, which she recently graduated from. To advance and apply these newly learnt skills, she thought Geeks on Wheels would be a great environment to grow in!

Julianne’s strengths lie in hardware, problem-solving and she refers to herself as a pro gamer! Outside of tech she enjoys singing, cars and making people laugh.

What our customers say about Julianne

Thanks, Julianne, excellent service. Prompt, professional and extremely patient – John

Julianne was personable and easy to talk to. She gave me the right steps to take next – Sally Vince

Julianne was brilliant, patient, respectful, and spoke in language an old lady could understand – Pam Cross