Anthony D

Anthony is always eager to play around with tech, pull it apart and see how it works. With this enthusiasm towards tech problem solving, Anthony is a perfect addition to the Geeks on Wheels team.

His skills in IT stem from 2 years of study at Otago polytechnic as well as years of troubleshooting his friend’s and family’s technology. He considers himself to be patient, but is also conveniently a quick learner, so he’ll definitely be an invaluable asset with frustrating tech troubles.

Outside of his tech talents, Anthony is a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons. He’s also adventurous with a keenness for travelling and discovering interesting places. Next on his list is Japan!

What our customers say about Anthony

Anthony was extremely pleasant, very helpful and gave me good advice. Impressed – Fiona Neill

Anthony was great!! He was very professional and great to work with – Brian Little

Anthony D was lovely and extremely informative and very helpful…. and the service was prompt, no waiting…. thanks guys!!!! Oh and reception lady.. AWESOME!!! – Maureen Conroy